Into the Badasslands: The 6 Best TV Shows Of 2015

This year was a damn good year for television. It seems we are on the brink of TV breaking through and taking over as the main source of entertainment, eclipsing even movies (Force Awakens as an exception). Where once, the TV landscape was filled with all awful sitcoms full of fake families pretending to love another over laugh tracks. Now what we have on TV is comic book adaptations, violent fantasy, zombie shows and various other formulas that make our geek hearts pummel with joy. TV has gone from a form of entertainment to an art form, and the shows on this list best sum that up.

Here are the 6 best TV shows of 2015. Keep in mind, some obvious shows will not be on the list because we all know Dr. Who is one of the best shows every year and us geeks don’t need to keep stating the obvious.

Into the Badlands


What I love about this show is no one saw it coming. It acted like one of the punches in the show and just came out of nowhere, landed perfectly, and knocked us the fuck out.

The best way to describe this show is, imagine if the territorial wars of Gangs of New York crossed over with the insane violence and brooding politics of Game of Thrones. That is what Into The Badlands is. A violent, gritty nailbiter of a show that has much heart beneath its surface (shout out to Madeleine Mantock who plays Veil and keeps the Badlands pure, beautiful, and human amidst its savagery).

A flawless show that more of you need to be watching.

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead


When I first heard that a new Evil Dead series would be coming to TV I was pissed. “No way is this gonna work” I thought to myself as a clamored around my apartment. Flash forward and here we are, me eating my words. The new Starz Evil Dead show is definitely one of the best TV shows of 2015. Why?

It has all the camp of the original movie. It has all the gore that one would expect from the series. Also, Bruce Campbell nails it. He is EXACTLY the ash we remember from the Evil Dead films, the makeup effects and humor are right on point, too.

I will admit, I KNEW Into the Badlands was gonna be awesome, but this one shocked us all with just how good it ended up being.

Wet Hot American Summer


You probably thought you would make it through this list without a comedy, and you were ALMOST right. But what they did with Wet Hot American Summer (take a show about teenagers and make a prequel where the teenagers are now in their forties but still act like teenagers) was a meta and brilliant move and it somehow and miraculously ended up being the funniest show of the year, and just as consistently funny as the cult film it is based on.

Plus, Archer as a talking can of vegetables? Who can even be mad at that? Hell, even weird AL made an appearance (as John Hamm, no less). If you are a geek who didn’t like this show, you are not a geek.

Walking Dead/Game of Thrones

Yes, these get the same spot this year. And if you are wondering why, allow me to explain. Both shows had stellar runs in their last seasons, but both shows had us all by the throat regarding the deaths of main, beloved characters. You all know what I mean: Jon Snow and Glenn.

We love the shows, and they are fantastic, but they both left us with frogs in our throats about characters we loved. Granted, Walking Dead let us off the hook, but Thrones has yet to. For that same reason (messing with your fans heads) these two share a spot this year.

Great shows but you can’t be all death and misery. There NEEDS to be pay offs for fans or people will stop watching. Just a word to the wise.

Jessica Jones


Some may want to see Daredevil on this list, but we had to inch Jessica Jones in front of it. Yes, the fight scenes in Daredevil are outstanding. BUT, there has never been a female survivor like Jessica Jones on TV (outside of maybe Orphan Black) and to see that and see that message driven home for people (survivors are survivors, not perpetual victims) was an amazing message to send. Didn’t hurt that the cast is fantastic and David Tennant is BRILLIANT(ly scary) in his role as Killgrave (though that name is cheesy as hell).

Props to Krysten Ritter too for playing this character with such ease. Mustn’t be an easy place to go, but she does it well.

Mr. Robot


Mr. Robot was a lot like Into the Badlands in the sense that it sorta stormed out of nowhere with very few people knowing anything about it. But from the brilliant writing to the stunning acting by the lead Rami Malek, who I like solely because his name sounds kinda like mine, this show is a winner.

But really, just a very cool show about hacking and the hacking subculture, but made way more accessible to most by being represented in a way most non-hacking humans can understand. Safe to say keep your eyes on this one, as it only looks to get better and better.

So what did you think the best TV show of 2016 was? Take to our comments and let us know?

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