The 6 Coolest Video Game Shields

When it comes to gaming, the same weapons always get props. You hear about guns with chainsaws on them, or swords with guns on them, or guns with swords attached to their guns that are attached to their swords on top of their chainsaws. What you rarely hear about are coolest video game shields. Granted, most people might not put the word “coolest” next to the word shield, but anything that can stop a sword from gutting you alive is pretty freaking cool if you ask us. Here are the 6 coolest video game shields, because the world needed a list like this. Defensive armaments in gaming never get lists!

Boom Shield from Gears of War 2


Cover was always an interesting mechanic in the Gears franchise, and the Boom Shield in part 2 changed this up dramatically. No longer were you forced into firefights in set spots, with the Boom Shield you could move it and plant it in the ground in front of you for maximum damage potential.

It not only changed up the gameplay a bit, but it also inspired this list of coolest video game shields. Hell, even the name of the shield has balls. And don’t even get me started on its offensive abilities.

Hylian Shield


You cannot think about coolest video game shields, and not automatically picture the Hylian shield, branded by Link with pride in the Legend of Zelda series. From the insignia on the shield, to its awesome ability to return projectiles (which is what all shield should do, actually) it is sort of the template for all video game shields that came after it.

There is not one geek alive who wouldn’t want one of these hanging on their wall. Right above the fireplace, as a matter of fact.

Spellbreaker Shield from Elder Scrolls Series


Obviously, you knew some Daedric action was happening on this list. You had to. This sword from the Elder Scrolls series is sort of like the ultimate prize when it comes to defensive armor. Worth it alone for its strong defense against all magic, it also has a 30 percent chance of reflecting said spell back at the projector, which has gotten many of us out of a bind in some crucial moments.

Doesn’t hurt that the shield, like most armor in this game, looks super badass.

Halo (Bubble) Shield


Though not a shield in the traditional sense we are used to, it would be foolhardy to leave off the gaming shield that sort of changed all shields in gaming. Though more of a holo-armor that absorbs damage and recharges, the shield in Halo would go on to be the new template for shields that most sci fi games now use.

Ah, the recharging shield. Cannot even imagine how many awesome games we would never have finished had Halo not made you a “thing.” Thanks Halo!

All Greatshields from Souls Series


Let’s be completely honest here for a moment. Were it not for the shields in Dark Souls games, we would never make it an inch into that game. When it comes to cool and important shields in video games, we could not make a list and leave the Greatshields from this series out. Problem was, picking one.

Hell, even the Eagle Shield (which is one of the first GOOD shields you find in Dark Souls) is miraculous and almost made the list by itself.

So what is your favorite shield in gaming? Did we leave it off our list? Take to our comments and let us know. Also, go check out….

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