The 7 Scariest TV Shows Currently On the Air

In a generation that primarily consists of reality TV and police drama, being able to indulge in fear and horror actually seems like a great thing.

The following TV shows offer everything from vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons and much more. Best of all, these creepy TV series are all alive and kicking, with no cancellation or abrupt ending in sight. Prepare to be horrified, freaked out and unpleasantly disturbed with some of TV’s scariest TV shows still on the air.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story premiered to a small fan base that has consistently grown more and more over the years. Each season focuses on a brand new tale that explores humanity’s darkest secrets and twists them even further. There’s hardly a happy ending for the main characters and every episode’s outcome is truly anyone’s guess. We hope to see much more out of this show before its eventual end.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead needs no introduction, and that is exactly why it deserves a spot on our list. Rick and company are progressively losing their minds and their once-innocent nature, making you feel compassionate and a deep sadness for these lonely survivors. Unlike many series currently on TV, The Walking Dead just keeps getting better and more ambitious over time.


Supernatural is one of the CW’s longest running series, originally airing in 2005 through the now-defunct WB. Throughout the years, Sam and Dean Winchester have battled against demons, vampires, werewolves, and even the Devil himself. Despite going ten seasons strong to date, the show’s writers have an uncanny ability to keep the plot fresh and its audience highly engaged.

The Following

Much like the show’s premise, its audience is composed of a cult following highly addicted to Joe Carroll’s murderous plans. Ryan Hardy (portrayed by Kevin Bacon) does everything in his power to capture this remorseless killer and put an end to his highly dangerous, ever-growing cult of killers. When a show makes its viewers root more for the bad guys than the good guys, it truly deserves to be recognized as one of the most twisted, scariest TV shows on TV to date.

The Strain

There’s always something genuinely attractive about “End of the human race” scenarios, and The Strain plays this old card wonderfully. What starts off as an airplane incident quickly expands to city-wide chaos. Hundreds of victims turn into vampire-like creatures who are not afraid of devouring even their own loved ones. Just when you start to fall in love with a character, you soon realize that he or she is dead, which makes for a great and unpredictable TV show.


Salem is an underestimated horror show that not many people have yet discovered. It’s genuinely satisfying and quite original, considering there simply aren’t enough shows that focus on the infamous Salem witch trials in Massachusetts. Everything from witches to human sacrifices is questioned, downright to our own moral beliefs and the many gruesome actions that form part of our gruesome history.

The Originals

The Originals is the spinoff to 2009’s The Vampire Diaries, a show highly centered around teenage lives and, quite frankly, too much Twilight- like romance. For this reason, we welcome The Original’s more mature premise, as it deals more prominently with dark and gritty settings surrounding vampires and werewolves. These types of shows have been done to death, but The Originals still earns a golden spot as one of the most satisfying, scariest TV shows still airing on American television.

Other honorable mentions include Grimm, Sleepy Hollow and Helix, further proving that there is no shortage of creepy and disturbing TV for your viewing pleasure.

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