The All-CG 'Avengers' End Title Sequence

Coolness! Visual effects house Method Studios created the “main-on-end” title sequence that plays immediately after The Avengers ends (but right before the much-discussed prologue). And they’ve posted their work online, in its entirety, so you can truly appreciate their painstaking attention to detail. (Note: this post contains no spoilers.)

Set to the sweeping, heroic score of Alan Silvestri (a guy who knows a thing or two about epic music — quick, hum his theme from Back to the Future), Method Studios created this incredible end title sequence entirely in their computers. It’s also rendered in 3D, though you can only see that version in theaters.

The main-on-end title sequence shows off the various superheroes’ weapons, gadgets, and gear, in what Method calls “macroscopic detail,” which was shown to “identify the scars of combat.” You can see Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s helmet, Thor’s hammer, and more, up close and with significantly greater detail than they’re ever shown in the movie. Method Studios’ virtual cameras weave and flow through this virtual space smoothly, panning and zooming with complex lighting and focus effects.

Marvel supplied Method with props from the film, which the animators recreated by hand for this two-minute sequence. Method also created the original font they then used in the main title that appears near the beginning of the movie.

Head over to to watch the entire sequence online, where you can pause and gawk to your heart’s content.

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