The Allure of Crossy Road, a Game of Endless Arcade-Style Fun and Tested Skills

If you love arcade-style games, like Frogger, then you will LOVE Crossy Road. This game seems simple at first, but it can be quite a challenge that tests your skills. The whole concept centers on guiding a chicken from one side of a road to another. But then those roads become intermixed with train tracks and log-laden rivers. It’s a game of quick wit, lots of skill, and a little patience, where you have to calculate your moves, avoid obstacles, and keep your chicken alive.

Crossy Road was an original release as a mobile app in 2014, courtesy of Hipster Whale. It was a huge hit worldwide, becoming an overnight viral sensation that hundreds of thousands of gamers couldn’t get enough of. The last 4 years have only seen the game’s rise in popularity, with division across multiple platforms and devices.

Is There an Objective in Crossy Road?

The objective in Crossy Road is simple—survive, thrive, and stay alive until you simply can’t anymore. The roads are endless, so the objectives are the same: endless. Your goal is to keep bettering your score, unlock playable characters, and prove yourself THE best of the best. This is a game of skill, concentration, and patience, which are all things you strive to perfect when you play Crossy Road.

So, why did the chicken cross the road? He was curious, of course. But you can satisfy his curiosities by guiding him safely over roads, train tracks, and raging rivers. Just think of yourself as a chicken bodyguard. Every step your chicken takes is another point towards your high score.

The Keys That Control Your Chicken (and Other Playable Characters)

The arrow keys of your keyboard are your ultimate controls in Crossy Road. You can probably guess their function, but a basic run-down would be: UP moves forward, DOWN moves backward, and RIGHT to LEFT moves side to side. You can also start a new game or spin the prize machine with the press of your SPACEBAR or the click of your mouse.

Chickens aren’t the only players you have access to in Crossy Road. When you collect coins, you can spin the prize machine for a chance to unlock a new, playable character. These characters vary, and each one has a special set of abilities and paces that can either help or hinder the challenges of your game. All characters are controlled by the same arrow keys. To switch your characters, press the chicken icon at the bottom left of your screen.

How You Can Make Gameplay Even Better

To make your gameplay even better, turn the volume up on your speakers or headphones. The in-game obstacles sound off when your character is in danger. For example, if your chicken is sitting in the middle of the road, a car will honk to signal its approach. The same can be said for when your character spends too long on train tracks.

One danger that you can’t avoid in Crossy Road is the bald eagle. When a hungry eagle swoops in to take your chicken, it will CAW to signal its descent. You can try to run across the roads, or even hide amongst the trees, but this sound usually signifies the end of your current game.


Another way to improve your gameplay is to collect as many coins as you can. The coins are used to purchase a turn on the prize machine, which rewards your efforts with a playable, unlockable character. Plus, each death earns you a free gift, which is commonly more coins. These coins will roll over from one gameplay to the next.

Note: Some coins are scattered in the roadways, across train tracks, or on floating logs in the river. Bide your time, calculate your moves, and scoop these coins up quickly before your chicken meets an untimely demise.

Come to Poki for a Next Level Gaming Experience!

Crossy Road has been exclusively web-published by Poki, which makes it the number one place to play via the internet. The platform is secure, safe, and lots of fun, with tons of games to keep your mind keen and your hands busy. While Crossy Road on web is certainly a game that you could get lost in for hours, Poki offers a whole platform of other skill-building games for you to delve into.

Why Crossy Road is a Relaxing and Fun Game for all Ages

Crossy Road is a skill-building game that allows you to zone out and relax after a long day of work, school, or other everyday drama. Ergo, it is perfection for all ages. Not only are you relaxing your mind, busying your hands, and honing your already-awesome gaming skills, but you’re setting the stage for a better mood later in the evening.

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