What’s better than a Star Wars-inspired alphabet book? My answer is probably going to be contested by at least one person out there, but this is the best I can do for now: The letters of the alphabet made in LEGO and designed to look like spaceships as well. LEGO and space – tell me that doesn’t kick butt!

LEGO enthusiasts – both kids and AFOLs alike – will be drooling over the work of Mark Anderson, a Chicago-based cartoonist. ((Web site: Andertoons)) He shares the story behind the conception of the idea:

When I was a kid growing up on Star Wars, I thought the X-wing was the best spaceship I’d ever seen. Of course the Millennium Falcon was great, and goodness knows the good old NCC-1701 was awesome, but the X-wing and its letter inspired brethren the Y-wing and A-wing (what the hell was with the B-wing?! It looked nothing like a B!) were just the coolest.

So later on as I got back into LEGO and was building spaceships I thought revisiting the idea of alphabet shaped ships would be fun.

I think he struck a goldmine with his idea, especially since practically everything has been done with LEGO. It took Mark Anderson almost two years to finish all the letters of the alphabet – yes, he does have a life – but I am sure he will be the first one to tell you that it’s all worth it.

The entire alphabet is in the gallery below, viewable in one go. However, I suggest that you click on each individual image as there is so much detail that you might not see in the thumbnails. For example, the minifigs inside the letter E spaceship are all having fun with some booze – well, except one. My favorite figure is the letter Z, probably because of its simplicity and the combination of colors. Go ahead and rediscover the letters of the alphabet – LEGO/spaceship style!

For parents who want to make learning fun for their kids (or for kids at heart who just want to have fun), you can download the images in their full sizes from Mark Anderson’s Flickr stream. ((Flicker: Andertoons))

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