The Awesomeness that is Army of Darkness Defense

You can’t possibly question it. Army of Darkness was one of my favorite cult classics. So when we discovered that Army of Darkness Defense was available on FREE TO DOWNLOAD for a limited time (as of this writing it still is!), there was no question about it: It was my turn to defend the Necronomicon.

You star as Bruce Campbell’s most memorable B film character — the time traveling Ash — department store salesman brought back to a medieval age to help the humans defend their castle against the evil Deadite constructs. The Army of Darkness franchise is very much alive making its first crossover in Marvel Comics. This time, it’s Backflip Studio’s turn to churn out a game.

Army of Darkness Defense is a side scrolling defense game. The objective is simple: defend the Necronomicon (a powerful book that can help bring back Ash to the present time) from the Deadites that push their way forward into the castle gates. You play Ash and automatically fire your boom stick when near an enemy. At melee range you use your fists (upgradable to the chainsaw) to push back enemies. You also have the ability to summon help from the castle’s guards through the blacksmith and the power to harness magical and support abilities such as the Wrong Book and the Deathcoaster.

The in game references in Army of Darkness are spot on. Backflip Studios were huge fans, to be sure. This is the scene of the Wrong Book.

As you progress through wave after wave (50 in total), you gain the ability to upgrade and unlock more units. The strategy is deeply involving albeit repetitive after about halfway into the game but considering that the game is free with heartfelt production value, you will forgive some of the repetitiveness.

Backflip Studios did an amazing job with the soundtrack and voice overs, putting in all of the famous quotes (“This is my BOOMSTICK!”) from Ash and the Deadites.

Army of Darkness Defense is 100% worth it. Not just because the game is well-made but simply because it’s also free to download from the iTunes Store. You can’t get a better deal than this!

Download Now (opens iTunes Link)

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