Who is your favourite Batman?

There have been plenty of iconic iterations, with the likes of Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton being popular choices.

It may seem like a straightforward question, but depending on how big a fan you are of the DC Comics character, there are simply so many elements to consider when selecting a favourite. One essential element is the suit, with the three stars just mentioned having very different costumes to work with.

Now that Matt Reeves’ The Batman is making its way to audiences, it’s worth addressing an interesting fan theory about the movie’s batsuit…

still from The Batman trailer, Warner Bros. Pictures

Have you heard this Batsuit fan theory for The Batman?

There is a fan theory that has been making the rounds about the batsuit as worn by Robert Pattinson for his portrayal of the caped crusader.

Some believe that the bat symbol attached to the chest area of the suit is actually detachable. More importantly, speculation suggests that it’s the gun that was used by the individual who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Taking this theory into account, it’s wise to assume that – if this were the case – Batman would’ve hunted the killer down and taken the weapon, or rather, retrieved it from the authorities.

It ultimately depends on the outcome of the murder investigation in this take on the character’s origins.

Matt Reeves explains its importance

While it’s a stimulating theory, Matt Reeves is ultimately the authority on the matter and he’s acknowledged that the symbol isn’t a gun at all.

However, he has revealed to HeyUGuys that it has a use beyond being a symbol:

“Well I wanted it to be something that was a practical use. It’s not the gun. That was interesting that people were speculating that’s what it was. What people did happen on that’s right is I wanted it to be not just an emblem but I wanted it to be something tactical and functional… That’s actually a glauca knife that he uses in a couple of places in the movie.”

He continued: “So somewhere along the way I said ‘I want to figure out a way that this is something that we can see him using it. I want to see him use that knife.’ The knife had been written into the script, so the idea was is there a way we can take that knife and make it the bat symbol, and that was what they set out to do.”

The Batman | Main Trailer

The Batman | Main Trailer

The Batman is back on the big screen

At long last, the big date for The Batman’s arrival in theaters is Friday, March 4th 2022.

That will be the only place to see the three-hour blockbuster too, as The Batman is being released exclusively in cinemas.

It’s a much darker vision than those previous too; it is rated a PG-13 in the US and a 15 in the UK.

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