The Coolest and Best Counter Strike: Go Skins You Get Earn (and Sell!)

Agelessness is one thing people have to give Counter Strike credit for. Some games come and go within years of launching, and this game has such a fevered fan community, it just never stops thriving and growing. From mods to skins, the amount of game to play here is insane, and with new additions being added constantly it can be hard to keep track. With that in mind, we decided it would be nice to give Counter Strike another shout out and mention some of our favorite skins to earn or or sell (hey, it’s 2018 people, you gotta change with the times).

Here are some of our personal favorites, presented in no particular order.

Driver Gloves, Crimson Weave

Fine, we will admit it, we are being shallow here and just REALLY like how these gloves look. It is most likely because the item is so rare, and there are rumors out there of a pair costing up to nine HUNDRED bucks!

But I mean, have you seen them?

I mean, that may not be nine hundred bucks cool to you, but the thing is, it is to SOMEBODY, FACT!


AUG Akihabara

What makes this Akihabara skin so esteemed among Counter Strike players is just how rare it is (and how some of the animation are non-standard for the skin, making it even MORE valuable).

If the gloves above’s price made you shudder, imagine the grand you would have to pay for THIS skin!


The Ak-47 Fire Serpent

The day you get this as a drop (and it IS possible) is the day you need to rejoice. Not just an amazing Ak with precision firing and an awesome rate of fire, but it is also a stat-tracker (and those tend to rate highest among fans because they keep track of bullet fired and accuracy).

And CS fans love Stat-trackers (and who doesn’t in this age of the Fitbit).


Huntsman Knife Crimson Web

This is another one of those “but have you seen it?!” skins (which most Crimson skins get as reactions anyways). I’ll show it to you before I talk about it so we are all on same page:

Something about the Crimson color scheme and designs just set something primal off in the player, and you know ANYBODY brandishing one of these bad boys put in some serious work (or serious cash) to land it.

Sixteen hundred is the running price for this beauty.


AWP Dragon Lore

Do you know what the word LORE means? It means born from myth or legend, so just the fact that the word lore AND dragon are in this skin let you know, it pretty much rates highest among Counter Strike fans.

And I could sit here and tell you it is worth this or that like the other items on the list but the fact is, I picked this one up from a random drop once, so really as long as you play, you just might land that perfect skin you’ve been dreaming of for years (like I did).]

Side Note About “Buying” Skins

Like it or not, buying skins in games is in, and even though the term skins market may sound like something out of a horror movie, they are actually really cool places CS players can meet up and actually sell their goods. As much as people get mad about microtransactions in games, this is not some company taking your cash.

This is you selling a skin you earned to someone who GENUINELY wants it. No one is being taken advantage of (as both parties are consenting), and more games could learn from this model.


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