Netflix is the go-to video streaming provider for millions of viewers around the world. It’s now available in over 190 countries, and has 158 million members!

That’s a lot of screen time.

But did you know that the catalogue of movies and shows that are available can change from country to country? Licensing deal restrictions vary massively between different places. If you have an account, you can watch Netflix wherever you go, but what you watch might change.

The quality of what’s available might vary, too.

To find out which countries have the best Netflix catalogues, the digital security specialists at Surfshark collated data from 70 countries’ Netflix catalogues with the award wins, and rankings of titles from IMDb, Metacritic, Empire magazine and The Hollywood Reporter.

These maps show a breakdown of what Netflix currently has to offer its audiences around the world.

Which countries have the most award-winning TV shows?

Winning a gong is the peak of success in entertainment, right? This study used Oscar and Emmy wins as a benchmark of quality in film and TV shows, respectively. These maps show how many award-winning films are available to Netflix viewers in different countries.

South Korea tops the charts with the most award-winning movies on Netflix – a whopping 109 Academy Award winners compared to just 36 in Moldova’s catalogue. Moldova’s offerings do have a pretty high IMDb rating of 7.12, however. The Academy isn’t the only arbiter of quality.

Emmy-winning shows were more evenly spread. South Korea topped the charts again, but this time the 32 available shows were more closely matched to Australia’s 23, at the bottom of the range.

Which countries have the best TV shows and films?

These maps show which countries offer some of the most popular viewing options, according to Empire magazine and The Hollywood Reporter.

16 years after the series finished, Friends is still topping the charts, and available to audiences in 65 out of 70 countries. Meanwhile, one-time water-cooler phenomenon Lost is only available in Japan and South Korea.

Sci-fi blockbuster Back to the Future series has strangely inconsistent availability. The second and third movies are available in 20 and 16 countries, but the first movie? You’ll need to rent a DVD!

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