The third season of The Boys is approaching its end, and fans can’t keep calm to see what’s in store for Butcher and his gang in Season 3, Episode 8.

The previous episodes of the Amazon Prime series gave us a challenging ride by giving us several spine-tingling scenes. For instance, we got goosebumps by seeing how Blue Hawk got killed at the hands of A-Train.

Well, this wasn’t the only scene that showed the next level of brutality; the entire season was blood-soaked. One of the most shocking revelations that came out in Episode 7 was that Homelander has a father who’s none other than Soldier Boy.

The last episode also showcases the efforts made by Starlight to expose the dirty secrets of Vought. However, her efforts backfire when the organization’s CEO does the unthinkable to smash Starlight’s reputation. Later, we see Homelander visiting Queen Maeve in a prison where he has kept her so that he could harvest her eggs and produce kids with her.

He wants to have kids with Maeve because that would make his kids even more potent than him. Well, that could only happen when the mother is stronger too.

When will the final episode of The Boys Season 3 premiere on Amazon Prime?

The eighth episode of The Boys Season 3 will be on Amazon Prime on Friday, July 8, 2022, at 12:00 AM GMT. However, the episode’s release time will vary depending on your region. Fans residing in different regions can follow the below time schedule:

Pacific Timing: 5:00 PM PDT (July 7th)

Central Timing: 7:00 PM CDT (July 7th)

Eastern Timing: 8:00 PM EDT (July 7th)

British Timing: 1:00 AM BST (July 8th)

Indian Timing: 5:30 AM IST (July 8th)

Previously, on The Boys Season 3

In the previous episodes, we saw Hughie and Butcher shaking hands with Soldier Boy so they could beat Homelander. Meanwhile, Homelander has called Black Noir to give The Boys and Soldier Boy a hard time. In the preview for the next episode, we can see that Butcher will confront Homelander one more time, presumably with Compound V in his system.

Apart from that, we can see Black Noir getting ready to fight Soldier Boy and put an end to his trauma. Hence, we may get to see an action-filled Season finale.

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