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The Case for More Geeks in Management

The management of your business is often set in stone from the start. However, there are some good reasons why it should be switched up once in a while to bring about diversity. Let us take a very close look at the case for having more geeks in management roles.

Better leadership

First and foremost, more geeks often lead to better leadership. These individuals have seen it all in the industry and have the experience needed to coordinate a team. There’s nothing worse than management that simply doesn’t know what it is doing in difficult times. No matter what you think of geeks, you can’t deny that they are adept at handling tricky projects in a variety of career fields and academic disciplines. At the very least, if you know that your manager is heavily into sci-fi and fantasy, this could spark a conversation at your lunch break. These mutual interests break down the traditional barriers between workers and their bosses.

Academic credentials

Geeks are also backed by academic credentials. For an upper management position, you definitely need some sort of higher education, preferably at least an MS degree. In order to become a manager and a geek of your own, consider accredited MBA programs no GMAT required. As long as you have strong undergraduate grades and a couple of letters of recommendation, you’re set up for acceptance. Because you don’t have to take the GMAT, you can focus on more important things at school and in your career. Academic credentials guarantee that you are knowledgeable in your field at the very least. It’s good to note that these programs are short enough to get you moving on your career and long enough to learn a thing or two.

More insights

With all of this experience, geeks simply have more insights on how things should be run. They frequently have experience both in academia and in the workplace. Geeks are able to contrast the two systems and retain certain elements that work. The bottom line is, more exposure is always a positive thing. If you have interns or trainees in the office, these geeks will be able to guide them to success. So-called geeks tend to bring along experience with state of the art tech and gadgets. Everyone will be struck by these contraptions and eager to learn more.

Office environment

Last but not least, geeks have a positive impact on the environment of an office. When employees know that upper-level management consists of very adept individuals, they are more likely to bring out the best in themselves. Everyone will realize that there is a professional environment and want to contribute in any way possible. Moreover, geeks tend to inject fun things into the daily routine. You might have trivia on the board one day and nerdy snacks for lunch the next. This keeps everyone on their feet and ready to learn more. Who knows, geekiness could actually make a difference on your next project.

When all is said and done, there is a strong case for having more geeks in management roles. It often leads to more effective management and a positive atmosphere in your company. We’re all geeks to some degree, so embrace it!

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