Aside from anime and comics, a ton of video games also feature some awesome powers and skills. While comic book characters get more credit for their special powers and abilities, video game characters also deserve to be in the spotlight. Whether it’s casting a powerful spell or generating an energy shield out of enemies’ souls, here are some of the coolest video game powers and skills you should know about!

Turning Back Time

Prince of Persia

Don’t we all have at least one experience that made us wish we could turn back time? With games like Life is Strange and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, you can finally have this power! You can’t really use it in real life to rewrite an embarrassing moment. However, you’ll still get emotionally invested in these games, so it’ll still feel real.


Princess Peach Levitate

Who knew that you could use Princess Peach to finish Super Mario Bros 2? Admit it. You’ve done it too, right? Instead of breaking a sweat and timing your jumps, why not float on through?


Warp Strike

A warp is a command that allows a player to travel between two locations or levels instantaneously. Warping is one of the actions in battle found in Final Fantasy XV (at a HUGE discount on Amazon as of this writing – $4.97). It can take Noctis to a targeted area such as an enemy or an out-of-the-way warp point. It’s even cooler when he performs a Warp Strike which causes a significant amount of damage against an enemy.

Animal Allegiance Shout

When you get your first Animal Allegiance shout : skyrim

One shout for help from you, and the beasts from the wild will come to your defense! This is one of the handiest video game powers, especially when you’re all alone in the forest. We chose this one over Skyrim’s others powers such as the Transmute and Magelight spell because this one seems to be more useful.

Mind Control

Mind Games: How Psychonauts Crafts its Characters – Unnecessary exclamation mark!

This is one skill I’d love to have, but sadly, I can only have it by playing Psychonauts. This game is a cult classic that allows its character Raz to enter the minds of characters he encounters. Along the way, he learns how to hone his psychic abilities.


Mortal Kombat X - Sub-Zero (Cryomancer) - Klassic Tower on Very Hard (NO MATCHES LOST) - YouTube

Another cool video game power is cryomancy which is the ability to manipulate, shape, and create ice. In Mortal Kombat, Cryomancers were a race native to Edenia and possessed this power. They used it in combat and even made weapons out of it.

Fish Whispering

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Walkthrough # 1 - YouTube

This seems like a pretty weird skill to have, but when you’re Aquaman, it makes a ton of sense. As part of the royal family of Atlantis, he has impressive powers such as superhuman strength and telepathic control over marine life (which sounds fancier than *fish whispering*).


Who doesn’t want to live forever, right? Being immortal automatically gives you the upper hand in any situation. It makes you imperishable and immune to, well, death itself. Not many video game characters have this power because it defeats the purpose of dying which is almost always part of the game.


Blizzard Announces New Overwatch Character Sombra at BlizzCon 2016 | Technology News

The power to be invisible can prove very useful especially when you need to take an enemy by surprise. In Overwatch, Sombra can turn invisible for a short period of time, during which her speed is also boosted significantly. This makes her a great asset in stealth operations. However, whenever she takes the offensive, she loses this power.

Eagle Vision

Truly Hawk Eyes ? | One Piece Amino

Wouldn’t it be super convenient to know right off the bat when a character is an ally or foe? Well, if you are an Assassin, you can activate your Eagle Vision to do this just by seeing a character’s glowing colors. You can even take it up a notch and train it into Eagle Sense which allows you to trace a target’s whereabouts.


How to get the Telekinesis plasmid on BioShock 1 - YouTube

Wouldn’t it be fun to move objects around without having to use your hands? Have a shot at Bioshock where you can have this cool power! Just go into the Dandy Dental area, and you’ll find the Telekinesis plasmid. This power allows you to do a lot of damage for its cost, making it one of the best plasmids in the game.

Regenerative Healing


We’ve all been there before. You’ve just taken a huge blow to the chest by a sword or a gunshot. You’re on the ground, wounded, not sure if you’ll be able to finish the game. If this were real life, you’re probably going to die, but if you’re on a game, you just have to lie low and regain your health. A ton of video games such as Call of Duty offer this power. It’s unrealistic, sure, but it definitely makes it more fun!



Shapeshifting comes in handy when you’re a detective solving murders. You can impersonate characters to unlock secret conversations and private encounters. Check out The Shapeshifting Detective FMV game if you’re dying to try it!

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