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The Countries that Pay the Most and Least for Netflix

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Netflix has practically been an essential item, with binge-watching movies and TV shows helping us all fight off boredom in between queuing up to fight over toilet paper. But have you ever wondered if you’re getting a good deal for what you’re paying to get Netflix? It’s a popular streaming service around the world and prices vary from country to country, but as a percentage of average incomes, you might be surprised to find out where it is most affordable.

The good news for Netflix fans who live in Monaco is that they get the best deal as a percentage of income, though that could well be because the average income there is enormous, one of just five countries with an average monthly salary of over $5k. It’s not known as a playground for the rich and famous for nothing, and Netflix there costs just 0.6% of a monthly salary, barely making a dent.

In Burundi however, the decision of whether to get a Netflix subscription is a much bigger deal, because it costs 45.2% of the average monthly income. That’s a big commitment to be able to watch Stranger Things, and Netflix fans there also get fewer titles than most other countries, with just 692 available at the time of writing, compared to the 5879 films and shows available in the USA.

Netflix subscribers in Angola would probably love the option of 692 titles to choose from though, as they only get 391, with Somalia and Sudan also have very limited choices in their Netflix libraries. When it comes to cost per title, subscribers in Colombia are getting the best deal with 4282 titles for $4.14/month compared to the $8.99 paid in the USA.

So why not check out these maps to see exactly how much people around the world are paying for their Netflix and work out if your binge of the last season of 13 Reasons Why is costing you a lot more than you thought?

Based on Salary

Based on Cost Per Title

Netflix in North America

Netflix in Europe

Netflix in South America

Netflix in Middle East & Central Asia

Netflix in Rest of Asia & Oceania

Netflix in Africa

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