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Send In The Clowns, The Craziest Joker Costume List For Halloween Is Here!

Why so glum, chum? Got no plans for Halloween night? Tell you what, you don’t need a plan, just let things fall into anarchy and chaos and you’re bound to find some method to the madness. While you’re at it, you might want to dress for the part; it just so happens that no other agent of chaos hits closer to home than the Joker, Batman’s sworn nemesis. Now, you’re in luck, we’ve taken the liberty of filtering out the best and craziest Joker costume on the internet today.

These aren’t those cheap-looking, makeshift outfits either. They’re made with love and will easily set you apart from all the other clown costumes, like Pennywise. Check out these joker costumes!

Leto’s Joker

No wait, don’t go– this isn’t a prank. We’re quite aware that Leto’s not exactly the best Joker but that’s not the actor’s fault, let’s give him some slack. While his Joker, most notably appearing in Suicide Squad, is little too over-the-top, it’s still an undeniably unique take on the character. The insane tattoos and silver teeth are the perfect marriage between goth and ghetto.

You’ll have no trouble picking up dates dressed as Harley Quinn (regardless of their gender) and definitely get the trick done to make people uncomfortable with your Joker look. Just be prepared for people telling to your face that you’re one of the worst Jokers ever. If you don’t mind, here’s the Leto Joker costume and complete the look with some temporary tattoos.

Cartoon Joker

For many of us adults, this was the first image of Joker. Well, either this or Jack Nicholson’s version of the clown prince of crime. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most simple Joker costumes ever, one that Batman is too fond of. The purple suit, green hair and undershirt, and a yellow vest, you look like the perfect human representation of the ube cheesecake roll.

Just kidding, no one will mistake you for anything or anyone else. Because no other comic supervillain is crazy enough to adorn himself with conspicuously crazy clothing. You can find the full set here for the Joker costume and that includes the suit, anything under that, the pants, and the tie. All that’s left is the green hair and makeup.

Arkham City Joker

Why bother with the makeup and green hair dye when you can just wear a mask? After all, Joker’s sharp and gangly facial features are quite hard to replicate. The Arkham City Joker costume can help you with that and you can find it here. It takes after the Joker of the Batman: Arkham City game who’s voiced by none other than Mark Hamill, a.k.a. the best Joker voice and laugh, a.k.a. the only Joker voice and laugh.

The costume includes the usual tailcoat, some vests underneath, the pants, gloves, and the mask so you don’t have to bother your girlfriend to do your Joker makeup… although she might be more than obliged to be bothered to put makeup on your face.

Phoenix’s Joker

Rising from the ashes (okay, not really) is Joaquin Phoenix who recently gave us the most haunting portrayal of the Joker yet. His violent and erratic charm launched the supervillain origin movie to the top of the R-rated movie charts. As such, you’ll see no shortage of your fellow clown costumes Phoenix-style running about causing havoc in Halloween parties.

Want to join them? Of course, you do. Suit up with the newest red Joker costume you can purchase over here and put on a happy face with simple clown makeup. Don’t forget the iconic stair dance video.

Ledger’s Joker

Some Joker roles were simply meant to go down in history as legendary and Heath Ledger’s Joker was one such performance. It was the only Joker role to net the actor and Academy Award– though it did come at quite a great cost, proving that the abyss also gazes back in you look at it. Nevertheless, Ledger’s Joker remains among the top Joker performances along with Nicholson’s or Phoenix’s.

You may not be as popular as the new red Joker in town, but your legacy and creepier makeup are undeniable. Don’t go around telling people how you got those scars without the purple overcoat, the vest and shirt, and the pants. Makeup and madness not included.

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