The Thanos Snap is, hands down, the most devastating thing to happen in recent superhero movie history. It made grown men weep. It sparked furious debate. It gave birth to the most outlandish theories.

But above all, there is one question that will always remain contentious: is it ethical?

The guys of Space Taste went on a deep dive to explore this topic, and they’ve created a video essay that’s going to stir you up.

Superhero Movies in 2019

Space Taste aspires to be a premier destination for intelligent and thoughtful discussion in the world of sci-fi and superheroes. There are currently four programs on the channel: E! True Hollywood parodies (but with superheroes), time-lapse art, & Trailer Recuts & The Ethics of. Each explores a different facet of the geekverse. New videos are released every Saturday at 10am PT. Make sure to subscribe so that you’ll never miss a video!

In The Ethics of, Space Taste explores the ethical and philosophical repercussions of sci-fi, superhero & fantasy films. The film’s themes are then related to actual society. In Is the Thanos Snap Ethical??, they specifically examined Thano’s utilitarian belief that the ends justify the means. They analyzed how it was in direct contrast to Batman’s deontological belief that the value of actions is much more important than their effects.

Here’s the video. Let us know what you think!

On a totally different, definitely less heart-wrenching note, here’s one of the latest videos from the channel.

Two words: Deadpool and Pikachu.

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