The Forbidden Marriage premiered its first episode on December 9, 2022, and the second episode was released just a day after. Now, the South Korean historical drama will come up with episodes 3 & 4 later this week. So, when are the episodes of The Forbidden Marriage exactly getting released?

The TV series follows the story of king Lee Heon, who grieves his wife’s death for the past seven years. And after a long time, he still refuses to remarry as he believes that he cannot love someone else like he used to love his late wife. However, the entry of a woman named Ye So-Rang brings unusual turning points in his life.

The Forbidden Marriage | Teaser 2

The Forbidden Marriage | Teaser 2

When does The Forbidden Marriage episodes 3 & 4 release?

The Forbidden Marriage will get its third episode on MBC in Korea at 9:50 PM KST on Friday, December 16, 2022. The next episode, i.e., the fourth episode, will get released on the same channel the next day. One must follow the below schedule as per their territories to track the latest episodes of the TV series on Rakuten Viki :

What happened in the premiere episodes of the Korean Drama series?

King Lee-Heon doesn’t want to get married again, even after seven years of his wife’s demise. As per the public, the queen has committed suicide, but the king believes that she has been killed. However, there are several rumors about the king stating that he is impotent or gay, and that’s the reason why the queen took her own life.

Meanwhile, the TV series also introduces us to the crazy lead lady named So-Rang and her partner Gwaeng-i, who runs a scam business. Learning about the king’s situation, So-Rang decides to take advantage of the opportunity, so she starts spreading the news of the deceased Crown Princess’ soul existing in the palace.

When the king hears about it, he asks his best friend, who is an officer, to put So-Rang behind bars. When the authorities cease her, she is given two options that would get her free of prison. The first option was to apologize for her action, and the other was to stay behind bars. However, she is clever enough to think of a third option, i.e., to act as if the dead queen has possessed her.

We also learn that the officer was So-Rang’s fiance once, and after realizing this, he decides to befriend her.

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