The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project

The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project

Star Wars fans, listen up! The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project is something that you won’t want to miss out on.

The project is the brain child of Chris Lee, who is obviously a Star Wars fans. Together with his team, he has taken it upon himself to build a Millennium Falcon that would blow the breath out of anyone. This is not for the overly excitable or the weak of heart, for, as the name implies, the project will conclude with a full scale model of the iconic craft.

Christ says that he has had family members and friends make remarks about his state of mind, but as can be expected, his fellow Star Wars fans are only too ready to lend their support.

The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project aims to build a life size replica with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 114 feet
  • Beam (docking ring to docking ring): 81.485 feet
  • Height to top of body (not counting quad-laser turret): 24.878 feet
  • Height to top of dish: 30.889 feet
  • Clearance: ground to landing gear bay level: 7.779 feet
  • Clearance: ground to outside bottom of cockpit tube: 13.081 feet

Yup, they have put a lot of thought into this thing. Not only will the exterior look exactly like what you can’t get enough of when watching the movie, but the interior will also be as accurate as possible.

The crew is being realistic about the extent of the project, and they decline to give a specific timeframe for completion. Instead, they estimate that by mid-2013, the workshop will be useable, at which point the concrete foundation footers and piers for the Falcon can be started. We’re not that old, so I guess we just might see the project come to fruition in our lifetime.

Now, for the important part. How can you help? Visit the Support Page, and sign up for the mailing list. Share the project with everyone you know who will be interested. And, buy a t-shirt or two for $25 each, free shipping in the USA.

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