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Marvel Point One, and the Watcher has a home invasion

Having only finished my pile of comics from last week over breakfast this morning, I thought I would spend a moment with Marvel, or more specifically, Marvel Point One.

Today we see the shipment of Avengers #19, one of the issues that Marvel Point One claims heralds the return of Ultron. Now I fail to see the connection between an Avengers membership drive (which seem to be occurring with an ever increasing regularity), and the return of Norman Osbourne and Ultron, although I would be the first to admit that the Green Goblin is crazy enough to utilise the genocidal bot. Or maybe it’s Tony Stark’s reparation of the Vision that leads to the adamantium killer’s return?

Except, isn’t there already a version of the Vision already wandering around? A combination of the original Vision’s OS, (what I wouldn’t give to have that installed on my laptop!) and Iron Lad’s armour? I know that Marvel is not one to shy away from duplicate characters; after all, we now have a new Scarlet Spider. And we all know how well that ended the first time around. But still! Does that mean that the Young Avengers Vision should be Vision Lad? No, that’s taken, or at least it was. Maybe Vision-Baby? Or Kid-Vision? (Ughh!)

Yes, I am convinced there is still a place for Sixties kitsch, however much the publishers want to ‘update’ their creations for the ‘new’ generation.

Anyway, I digress. Marvel Point One gave us an excellent foreshadowing of things to come, without promising anything concrete. Is this the future? Or simply a What If? And such high plot points not withstanding, just how can one ‘pay off’ Ultron in the first place? What would you use as currency? Your fertility? Your first born?

What I really look forward to is the new Defenders title that, if the Doctor Strange sequence is anything to go by, will be the Marvel spandex answer to the classic Invisibles by Grant Morrison. It’s a shame that that the She-Hulk starring in this is the Red, not the green, because I’m sure that reference to Jennifer’s ‘Fourth Wall awareness’ would have been able to complicate what already appears to be a promising storyline with a huge degree of hilarity.

The new Uncanny X-Force arc seems promising, with all our favourite anti-mutant bigots joining together to become something they hate, all under the shadow of the Age Of Apocalypse. If you missed that titles recent revisit to the alternate timeline of mutant hell, I highly recommend it. Oh, and they now have a Deathlok as a member as well, how can that be bad?

Something Marvel is doing currently, it’s doing right. Although the titles have all the hot new styles we’ve come to expect nowadays, this is the same universe that I saw in the Seventies and Eighties but that vanished for a while in the Nineties. Additionally, the fact that there are less dragged out ‘deconstructed’ storylines in most titles again makes me believe my few bucks have been well spent. And it’s about time, but congratulations to the ‘House Of Ideas’. It’s been a long slog, but things make sense again.

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