It’s officially called “The Non-American’s Guide to American Football”, but I think my title will do just as well. The Geek Guide to American Football. It sounds good, and after all, there might be one or two of you who have found themselves in the position that Leonard of The Big Bang Theoryfound himself many seasons ago. Remember that scene where he had his nose buried in a football for dummies book? Suddenly Sheldon jumps in with his football knowledge. ((Season 3, Episode 6: The Cornhusker Vortex)) You do not have to admit it publicly if you don’t know anything about American football. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I honestly don’t know much except for a bunch of well-padded guys running around and patting each other on the butt. But just in case you have a need to understand the game that is called American football, there is something that can save you. Or at least give you a working knowledge so you don’t look like Leonard. (No need to tell you NOT to wear an oversized football jersey, right?) Let me try to get this right and list the basics. Feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong.

  • There are two End Zones. They are found at the ends of the football field, which is 120 yards long. Who knows how long a yard is? The chart says 100 yards = 91. 4 meters.
  • Uprights. The word is uprights, not goals. I can see why they are called uprights, but it’s hard not to think of them as goals. After all, they are used for kicking field goals!
  • A touchdown is worth 6 points.

Okay that was lame. I really don’t get the “downs”, except that they stop playing. I guess I am just lucky that I do not have to learn American football by heart right now. It still is an interesting game, to be honest, and perhaps one of these days, I’ll get into it. Especially if the NBA lockout never ends. For you guys who can use a handy reference, here’s the guide to football, thanks to Reddit. You might even get good at NFL on the PS3 because of this!

Football Flowchart
Football Flowchart

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