The Gold Key

By Jim

If you have data that needs the ULTIMATE protection earth has to offer, look no further…. here is “The Gold Key”.

It’s a USB drive that boasts the longest lifetime available to keep your data as safe and indestructible …. close to forever.  Visit the manufacturer’s website for a thorough rundown of its features.   In a nutshell, here’s a summary for you to read:

The “gold” plated drive (which appears to be skinned in some sort of titanium alloy) includes all kinds of security features, like heavy-duty 256-bit AES encryption that automatically protects any file put onto the drive; user tokens, a PIN, and an optional finger print scanner for a triple layer of access control; administrative management features that separate out admins from common users and allow the creation of up to sixteen groups, each with restrictable access to certain files; and no batteries that can shorten the life of the drive.

This USB drive can stand the use and abuse from a typical user to the Terminator.  It can stand being dropped, lit on fire, submerged in water, run over by a truck… oh and a lot more.  A lifetime of use, even without maintenance.  How’s that for a super thumbs up standing ovation? 

So, if you just can’t trust anything to keep your data the Gold Key is up for the challenge.

Sold right here.

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