When does Episode 1 and 2 of The Good Bad Mother gets released worldwide? Here, all the curious fans will get the answer to this.

All K-drama fans must prepare for a new Netflix series that stars Lee Do-hyun, who was last seen as the plastic surgeon Joo Yeo-Jeong in The Glory. Besides him, the series also cast the South Korean actress Ra Mi Ran in the lead role. Shim Na Yeon directs the series, and Bae So Young has inked the storyline.

When does The Good Bad Mother Episode 1 & 2 get released?

The Good Bad Mother Episodes 1 & 2 will get released on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, and Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 10:30 KST on the South Korean local network JTBC. After it gets released for Korean fans, Netflix will simulcast it for fans worldwide. Here’s the time schedule that will help you know about its release timings as per different regions across the globe:

What is The Good Bad Mother about?

The Good Bad Mother plot revolves around a single mother who has been strict toward her child since the beginning. Due to her strictness, her son grew up with a cold personality. He became a prosecutor after growing up, and his relationship with his mother keeps getting worse day by day. However, after an unfortunate accident, Kang-Ho gets amnesia, so he has to return to his hometown. Hence, the drama series will show how a mother will try to make things right with her son from scratch.

The official synopsis for the upcoming drama series reads:

A drama about a mother, Young Soon, who has lived for her child all her life, and her son, prosecutor Kang Ho, who suffers from amnesia in an unexpected accident and goes back to being a child.

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