The Infinite Vacation

You know when you discover one of those little science-fiction gems? That was my experience last week with picking up a copy of the new treat from Shadowline, the Infinite Vacation.

I fondly remember the halcyon days of DC Helix, with the excellent titles of Vermillion and Cyberella. Unfortunately the only survivor of the short-lived imprint was the excellent Transmetropolitan. (If there’s any chance of re-visiting those other titles DC….. hint hint.) Even with the masterful direction of the Marvel Cosmic titles under the hands of Dan Abnett, or the thoroughly enjoyable R.E.B.E.L.S over at DC, I hadn’t realised the science-fiction shaped void in my heart. There is a limit to how much spandex even a fan-boy like me can take!

In the vein of the Vision Machine that stole my heart last week, the Infinite Vacation begins with a commercial offering, this time a travel agency offering holidays embedded in the lives of alternate versions of yourself across the multiverse, some with just minor differences answering all those ‘what if’ questions that plague our memories; others vastly different taking paths you may never have imagined. As a particular nice touch, your own personal travel agent is another analogue of yourself, as most likely will be your therapist.

Talk about fuel for an identity crisis! As ever, there are hints of a political movement against such a trade, but unlike Vision Machine, that is not the focus of the story. This is a good old-fashioned simple murder mystery. Or at least it’s shaping up to be.

Simple – Ha! Infinite duplicates sure add an element of simplicity. Nevertheless, this is well worth supporting for a few issues, to see if it delivers its promise.

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