The iPad, I Know It's Magic But I Just Don't Get It

Some months ago some guru decided it was time to bombard the world with a new piece of hardware and make our bank account a little lighter. Much lighter. We had to do it, especially Mactards fanboys that we be… but I didn’t.
I was tempted and almost raving about the new device and without having held it in my hands I wrote a glorified review 7 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Buy An iPad.

But I didn’t.

Now times have changed and I’m ready to splurge the cash. Not because I want another dust catcher on my coffee table or a portable device which does not fit in any pair of khakis I own, but because I *need one*.
Yes, you read that right, I am among the few ones who do *need* an iPad. Not because of any impairment or because I have this burning desire to splash money (( I do ;) )) but because we are soon going to release an iPad application for an upcoming project and might even plan a Splashpress Media application. The doubts persist though and I fail to decide and order my share of magicness.

I Need Your Help

So for once I am going to rely on the voice of the masses and ask you to convince me to send more money to Stevo. First though there’s some things you might want to know, mainly about how I use mobility.

I often am on the road and almost always carry my 13″ MacBook with me. It’s the perfect size for me and justifies to carry a daypack with me. Also when at home, I am always online and no matter where, my MB seems to accompany like a little me dog.
The main thing what sold me on my MacBook was its size and the high quality screen. It’s just perfect ((Although as a first generation customer I am stuck with a sucky battery which is degrading fast after more than 200 charges))

Now, I can see advantages in having an iPad. Of course there are the apps we want to release and testing an app without touch does not bring the complete experience. There’s the lighter device, and probably most brilliant remote control for the Mac Mini HTPC. Lastly there’s the option to use the iPad as a second ‘computer’ and as PIM next to the MacBook. To waste time on social networks and Twitter but mainly to check email and the calendar/schedule.

I’m not sure though this justifies the rather heavy expense of €600, which is what the 16GB iPad costs in my neck of the woods. But that would of course not be the only expense: there’s the almost obligatory case, the the best iPad case, probably a keyboard and dock and last but not least the cost to get a US IP so I can watch Hulu Plus on the ‘Pad, albeit not in Web 720p quality. Luckily there’s thousands of quality free iPad apps available.

Please help me and let me know how you would decide: pro or contra the iPad. iPad or a rocking amplifier with subwoofer glueing me to the wall when watching Iron Man 2?

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