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Easily the Best Joker Figure You Will Ever See

This Joker collectible is being seen as what would happen if the Joker were a Japanese manga or video game villain. Moreover, a Final Fantasy villain, really, someone just needs to say it. I, being a joker nut having many Joker collectibles (and being a Final Fantasy nut who played every game up to 12) see this thing and actually cannot sleep. Not because it unsettles me but because the opposite. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! The craftsmanship on this piece by artist Hitoshi Kondo is masterful, making this one of the coolest figures I have seen in pop culture, period, straight up.

He looks as likely to do a twenty minute monologue about the destruction of humanity as he does a man about to stab a kitten. It is like every nutty Final Fantasy bad guy had sex with Joker’s Mom and this is the new Joker. Note how he plays off the Batman theme, with the cowl and spray painted bat symbol to make things REALLY uncomfortable. Also, huge points for the long, black fingernails. Just awed by how well that works.

And obviously, you can see how articulated it is just by the myriad of poses this Joker has in these different shots. The details are mind blowing on every level.

If you want to order it and think you won’t have a stroke when you see the price, get it here. Second step after that, send it to me. I will then write an article up about how you are the patron saint of geeks. Sound good?

Good, looking forward to getting it from you soon!

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