If you have no idea how to gamble and have no desire to drink, you probably think that you have no reason to explore Las Vegas. However, even if you take away all the gambling, drinking, and madness that the city offers, you will still see a city offering tons of opportunities to get your nerd on.

We have made a great list of tourist attractions you can visit and events all self-proclaimed nerds and gamers can join. We have all the things you want from cosplay events, comic stores, conventions and even nerdy bars that will keep you busy all night long.

Pinball Hall Of Fame

As soon as you enter the place, you’ll definitely be amazed by its 10,000 square feet floor area which is dedicated solely for pinball fun. The establishment’s goal is to bag the award for having the world’s biggest collection of games. Pinball games from 1950s to the 1990s are displayed here and available for everyone to play. All of the games only cost a quarter of a dollar and all of the money goes to charity. Whether you are playing for an hour or for the whole afternoon, this place also has classic video games which you can play to impress your kids with your abilities.

Marvel’s Avenger Station

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This is certainly one of the best entertaining places in Las Vegas. Half of it is a museum and the other half is an interactive presentation which totals to a 100% superhero experience. Marvel’s Avenger Station is located inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and it offers visitors a hands-on one of a kind experience into the Marvel Universe.

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Inside the station, you can encounter Captain America’s shield and uniform, Bruce Banner’s science lab and even learn to control Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire

Situated inside the Grand Canal Shops of the Palazzo, this totally engaging tourist destination will captivate the fans of Virtual Reality games and fans of the movie franchise. If you dreamt of being a part of the Star Wars franchise, this is your chance to become a Stormtrooper and fight an alien invasion.

Luxor’s Esports Arena

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you may not want to leave the Arena once you enter it. It boasts of its 30,000 square foot arena and is considered as a gamer’s paradise. The arena is designed for competitive gaming with a 50-foot LED wall to mesmerize both fans and players. However, you have to be really good at a particular game and be on a pro team to be able to join in the games.

Insert Coin(s)

If you are a fan of the classic video games from the 80s and 90s, this is the perfect place to spend the rest of your night. Play the newest games on the Xbox and Playstation with a big HDTV, drop some dimes and kick some butt on 60s video game consoles or challenge a stranger to a Mortal Kombat game. All the tables are built around gaming consoles so you will never get tired of waiting for your next drink.

VR Adventures

Level up your admiration for your favorite superheroes by going to VR Adventures, a place that calls all superhero lovers to engage themselves in a 3D virtual world. You will have to wear high-tech glasses, jump and use hand motions to evade attacks from villains in order to save the world. VR Adventures is situated inside the LINQ Promenade at the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival

Do you love zombies? Considered as one of the best attractions in Las Vegas for gamers, the place will have you screaming and running for your life. Based on the popular TV series, this thrill ride is a combination of an escape room, a maze and an interactive video game all rolled into an amazing masterpiece. It is situated on Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas and is free for all ages as long as you reach the height requirement.

Millennium Fandom Bar

This is one of the first geeky-themed bars in Las Vegas located in the Arts District. It is arguably the most famous hangout place for Las Vegas cosplayers and sci-fi, fantasy fanatics. Alex Pusineri, the owner of the bar, affirms that the Millennium Fandom Bar is the first of its kind in the entire world. It was opened in November 5, 2015 in remembrance of the famous line from the film V for Vendetta which is “Remember, remember, the fifth of November.” The bar boasts of its life-like R2D2, lightsaber inspired dancefloors and they even host board game nights, trivia games and themed parties every week. The management is also planning to start fandom weddings in the near future.

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It is the perfect watering hole for gamers, fans and cosplayers if you are looking for a great conversation about who is the strongest Avenger or your fan theories about the next Game of Thrones book. However, the people you meet here are not your ordinary nerds, they are the real deal. So, challenge their knowledge about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings at your own risk.

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