If you had your hopes pinned on playing The Last of Us Part 3 due to a recent rumor, you might want to sit down for this one.

Every Last of Us fan across the globe wants nothing more than to have their heart torn out and stamped on again in The Last of Us Part 3. Since finishing Part 2, there are so many loose ends to tie up and so many avenues Naughty Dog can go down to suck players inside its hellish yet captivating world again.

The Last of Us Part 3 Rumor

Recently, a rumor started by ViewerAnon, who is credited with many leaks, has been making the rounds on Twitter stating that Part 3 was in production at Naughty Dog, of course, sending fans into a frenzy. In the same thread, ViewerAnon threw in that “Uncharted will be handled by another studio, FACTIONS is coming first, not sure on the new IP.”

The much anticipated multiplayer is a high priority for Last of Us fans due to the TLOU multiplayer add-on. Although seen as more of a niche area of TLOU with many at the time not even knowing it existed, Factions grew exponentially within the loyal Last of Us community so any and all news about its impending release is exciting news.

Neil Druckmann asks fans to “be wary”

Naughty Dog’s director and co-president Neil Druckmann took to Twitter at the start of the year to wish supporters a Happy New Year while teasing that he had “lots of cool stuff coming next year that we can’t wait to share”. In the same breath, Druckmann also threw out what seemed to be a warning surrounding The Last of Us 3 rumors, although he didn’t specifically mention it directly.

Neil finished off the tweet with “(P.S. be wary of “insider” info. Much of it is false.)” seemingly alluding to fans to keep their expectations in check when it comes to Part 3. Of course, there’s a very high chance Part 3 will go ahead due to the success of TLOU Part 2 but this could be a caution that it may not be in production just yet. After all, we all know how long it takes to make these AAA games possible.

For now, at least, we can all just be excited about HBO’s The Last of Us premiering in a few weeks via HBO and HBO Max on January 15 and hope that further ‘Faction’ announcements will showcase throughout the year (fingers crossed!).

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