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The Last of Us' 'tendrils' was there all along according to unused voice line

HBO’s The Last of Us will change one major important element in their upcoming series by eliminating spores for tendrils but this isn’t a new concept as an unused voice clip from TLOU game highlights.

The Last of Us TV series will debut on HBO and see a few changes from the game as pointed out by co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. Although fans were always prepared to see some alterations, some weren’t happy that the show would take out the one massive element that harnessed Ellie’s complex character storyline.

In an interview with Collider, Druckmann unveiled their plans to implement tendrils instead of spores – “The game had spores in the air and people had to wear gas masks, and we decided, early on, that we didn’t wanna do that for the show. Eventually, those conversations led us to these tendrils.”

To many, this new replacement looked like it came out of left field leaving many to question how the story of Ellie would play out in the show since she hid her immunity to the virus by wearing a gas mask. But according to a recent voice line for The Last of Us game that ended up not being scrapped, tendrils were originally part of its environment.

The Last of Us’ tendrils uncovered by unused voice line

A voice clip discovered by Twitter user @Ceraphyte showcases a recording from The Last of Us game that, for whatever reason, was abandoned in its development. In the recording, a description can be heard of what tendrils actually are. “What are those things? Fungus. It grows these tendrils. Smallest touch and they snap back like a whip and can break your arm.” the snippet states.

As much as breathing in spores sounds like a horrific experience, the idea of a tendril reaching up, wrapping itself around you, and snapping you in half sounds even worse!

The Last of Us’ tendrils concept art discovered

To strengthen this newly received voice clip, early concept art has been shared on Reddit. Throughout the images, you can clearly see how Naughty Dog was going to implement the spread of the infection with the tendrils but was cut early as “they felt too alien for the universe we created”.

Some of the images include tendrils wrapped around the heads of the infected and other images of them snaking their way across the floor in a hopeful attempt to prey upon a fresh victim. Many of the comments stated that even though they were disappointed initially at the removal of spores, the tendril concept has now grown on them (so to speak).

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