You know you want ’em.

Summer will be here before you know it, and it’ll be time to break out the t-shirts and those oh-so-trendy plaid shorts. And what goes better with shorts than flip-flops?

And what could possibly scream geek louder than these keyboard flops?

Imported from Thailand, you are looking at “Kito Keyboard 2.0,” a pair of rubber-soled footwear that supposedly massages your feet with key-shaped “nubs.” They’re a bit oversized, looking not unlike snow shoes when worn. And they’re available to purchase here, for $29 in a variety of sizes and colors. Definitely pricier than your standard pair of flip-flops, but for a novelty item, it’s not bad. Plus, the store selling them offers free international shipping.

I love this Kito commercial from Thailand. Its humor transcends the language barrier.

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