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The Legend of Korra goodies to get after finishing the Avatar series

The Legend of Korra‘s arrival on Netflix looks to be as well received as The Last Airbender. But what happens after the final episode? How can you keep the fun going?

For that, we offer a little bit of retail therapy with these finds on Amazon. Tread carefully, as some spoilers can be found below.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars

The Avatar gang’s adventures continue in comic form. Find out what happened between Korra and Asami, and how much Republic City has changed after a new spirit portal opened. Just like how Aang’s and Zuko’s stories were further fleshed out in The Last Airbender’s own comic series, Turf Wars is just one of the many official expansions of Korra’s story. This is definitely a treat for fans who can’t let go just yet.

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire

How does another Korra and Kuvira encounter sound for you? Even in prison, the Avatar’s final foe in the animated series. This proves to be important in facing a new threat for Korra and the gang.

Ruins of War, together with Turf Wars are available on Kindle. You can definitely jump in on the post-animation adventures on your choice of device.


The Legend of Korra: An Avatar’s Chronicle

Korra may be the first in the new line of Avatars since she presumably lost any means of communicating with her past lives (This has been a matter of debate among fans). To cover the possibility that future Avatars might not experience the wisdom of their successors in the spiritual manner, Tenzin encourages Korra to chronicle her experience in a journal. It is a fun book that gives more details about your favorite characters from the series, delivered in their points of view.

Korra Funkos ( Avatar State | Bending Elements )


We can’t miss these cool-looking Funko Pops of Korra, first in her Avatar state, and second of her bending the elements. Funko Pops are cute, but these renderings of Korra are just beyond cute.

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