The Brick Bible, by Brendan Powell Smith

The nice peeps over at Skyhorse Publishing sent over a copy of The Brick Bible for us to peruse, and you don’t have to be a believer to enjoy its LEGO greatness. Take a look at a few choice pages from the book.

Master LEGO builder Brendan Powell Smith has spent the last decade creating nearly 5,000 scenes from the Bible using LEGO bricks. You’ve probably seen his website, The Brick Testament, or at least heard of his amazing dedication to his craft. This lush, full-color, 272-page tome shows imagery taken directly from the Bible’s text, in LEGO form.

The book isn’t as comprehensive as the website; some bits are skimmed over here and there, and the book only covers the Old Testament. And true believers might be a little taken aback by some of Smith’s admittedly cheeky depictions — some of which you can see in the photos below. But the book is (mostly) very faithful to the Bible, and any creative liberties come straight out of the fun, lighthearted spirit of LEGO itself. Non-believers, fear not: Smith, the book’s author, is an atheist. The Brick Bible has been his longtime obsession because he believes that both the devout and the skeptical should at least know what’s in the Good Book, regardless of what they believe about it.

Don’t be deceived into thinking this is just a collection of LEGO images; the work behind these pictures is just astounding. I can’t even imagine the amount of time it must have taken to create these thousands and thousands of LEGO scenes. The book is available now at book retailers everywhere.

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