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The LEGO Red Dwarf Starbug Will Let You Fly (And Crash) To The Red Dwarf Once Again!

Quarantines and lockdowns can be anxiety-inducing but the bright side is, you get to watch all the modern serious TV shows as much as you want. By now, you’ve probably run out of new ones so its time to take a blast from the past with the likes of Star Trek and for the more comedically attuned, Red Dwarf. Once you’re done, you’ll want to commemorate the experience with an actual LEGO Red Dwarf Starbug ship!

What is it? Why it’s only the Enterprise equivalent of the hit comedy sci-fi show, Red Dwarf. Except think of Enterprise as an oddly-shaped allow bucket that frequently crashes due to the hilarious nature of its crew. Even so, it remains standing and resilient to this day, just like you! Hence, LEGO enthusiasts Bob Turner, Ben Bancroft, and Nick Savage happily present to you the opportunity to grab one of your own LEGO Red Dwarf Starbug.

It’s an anatomically correct replica of the Starbug which; more than that, it also comes complete with all the crew members you know and love from Red Dwarf. The crew is a mini-figure set, making the Starbug replica as close to scale as possible to fit them all inside the green space gourd.

Now, hold your horses as the product is not yet officially on sale for the moment. LEGO Ideas actually needs your support first before they greenlight the production of the LEGO Starbug ship. At the time of writing, they currently have 4,805 supporters with a target of 10,000.

All you have to do is hit the support button on their official LEGO Ideas page. Creating an account is free and so is clicking the support button. Once the goal is reached, Starbug will be ready to blast off and crash once again into your hands!

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