Let’s be honest. Geeks on film and TV almost always never get the appreciation and love that they deserve. Oftentimes, they are portrayed as the geek stereotype – big glasses, socially awkward, outcasts. However, there are those geeky characters that have more dimension and depth to them that most overlook. Here are some of the most iconic geeky characters of all time and why we love them!

Brian Johnson (The Breakfast Club)

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, aka “The Nerd”, is our resident 80s geek from the iconic John Hughes film The Breakfast Club. He’s your typical nerd – good grades, part of the Math Club, Latin Club, AND Physics Club. As John Bender puts it, he’s “a parent’s wet dream”. But if there’s anything this film teaches us is that people are more than their stereotypes.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger proves time and time again that muggles have a rightful place in Hogwarts. She’s super smart, brave, loyal, a badass (see that awesome gif?) and above all, an incredible friend. In fact, I don’t think Harry and Ron could have survived school, nonetheless beat Voldemort without her. Am I right?

Kevin Gnapoor (Mean Girls)

Kevin Gnapoor

Kevin Gnapoor is the geek with a beat! Apart from being a math whiz, he’s also got some pretty sick rap skills. He may come off a bit too strong, but that’s what makes him different from your typical school nerd.

Ted “The Geek” (Sixteen Candles)

The Geek

Anthony Michael Hall once again plays another 80s geek in Sixteen Candles. This time, however, his role is a bit more flirtatious borderline creepy towards Molly Ringwald’s character. Towards the end, he’s still a gentleman when he takes a drunken Sam home safely.

The Entire Big Bang Theory Cast


The entire cast of the Big Bang Theory is just too awesome to choose just one iconic geek. It’s safe to say that they all have their fair share of geeky traits (yes, even Penny, who’s turned into a geek by association).

“Doc” Emmett Brown (Back To the Future)

Doc Emmett Brown

“Doc” Emmett Brown is the inventor of the first time machine built out of a sports car of course! Looking like a modern-day Einstein, Doc is a fan of many great scientists including Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison. Oftentimes regarded as aloof, eccentric, or insane, we can’t help but show some love for this certified genius!

Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Tony Stark

Certainly not your average geek, Tony Stark encompasses the stereotype on all levels. He’s (over)confident, a lady’s man, and has awesome fashion sense. He also has a real passion for helping people. As he’s proved in Endgame, he’s a bonafide superhero through and through.

Ben Campbell (21)


If I were smart enough to do what Ben Campbell and his friends were able to pull off, I would do it too. In school, geeks often get the shorter end of the stick, but it’s always the smart ones who end up with a bright future. Counting cards in Vegas doesn’t exactly count as a bright future, but Ben Campbell eventually finds his way through Harvard Medical School.

David Lightman (WarGames)

David Lightman

Wouldn’t it be cool to be so computer-savvy that you can easily hack into a top secret military supercomputer? Imagine what you can do with all those nuclear codes.

Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe (Revenge of the Nerds)

Revenge of the Nerds

Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe prove that nerds can have an awesome and wild college life just as much as any jock.

Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)


With a supercomputer embedded into his mind, nerd herd-employee Chuck suddenly absorbs all the top-secret government intelligence, making him an asset. He finds himself caught in a lot of spy action, even falling in love with another spy Sarah.

Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty)


Betty Suarez defies the publishing industry’s standard of beauty when she enters a big publishing firm with hard work, a colorful fashion sense, and optimism.

Spock (Star Trek)


Spock is the ultimate geek hero with his brilliant half-Vulcan mind. His somewhat cold demeanor is only due to his immensely logical brain.

Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Carlton Banks

Highly rational, smart, yet caring, Carlton Banks is one-half of the show’s main duo. He can be annoying, naïve, and cocky, but he’s still one of the show’s beloved characters.

Abby Sciuto (NCIS)

Abby Sciuto

Abby Sciuto is part geek and part goth which is what makes her a one-of-a-kind TV character. Her sensitive and endearing personality makes her a loveable and memorable geek indeed.

Ross Geller (Friends)

Ross Geller

PIVOT! Ross Geller is your average paleontologist with a love for.. well, love and weddings. Just don’t get on his bad side by eating his sandwich! Check this out for more Friends reunion news!

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones)


Bones is definitely my favorite TV geek. She’s socially awkward yet brilliant, brutally honest yet has a big heart. Plus, she’s the best forensic anthropologist in the world!

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