The Most Underrated Video Games, TV Shows, and Films

Just because a game, movie, or TV show makes the headlines, doesn’t mean that you’re going to love it. Some entertainment products get air time for the wrong reasons, and many famous titles are seriously overrated, while others get overlooked.

Screen success can often be more about fierce marketing, fandom, and hype than high-quality production or an engaging narrative. Call of Duty, for example, has a devoted following who guarantee sales and reviews regardless of whether or not it’s doing anything new in the world of first-person shooters.

The same is true of movies and TV shows, of course. A hot-commodity leading actor, a controversial theme or behind-the-scenes intrigue, or a one-shot water cooler moment can elevate a show’s profile, while some high-quality productions slip under the radar, only to be enjoyed by a select few.

Sometimes it’s nice to be niche. A small but admiring audience might recommend a hidden gem that suits your taste far better than a more well-known title. To give you an idea of what most people are missing, RAVE Reviews has created these infographics showing ten examples each of video games, movies, and TV shows that received glowing Metacritic reviews from just a small number of discerning players and viewers.

For example, the most underrated video game is the ‘swords and bows’ adventure Samurai Warriors 2. It received a high user score of 4.5 for playability, graphics, and narrative, but only 19 reviews overall. Meanwhile, the TV show Party of Five is remembered fondly by a dozen fans of 90s family drama, who gave it a 4.65 rating.

The most underrated film is A Woman Under the Influence, which has a high rating of 4.75 from just 11 movie buffs. This 1974 John Cassavetes drama was critically acclaimed at the time, receiving two Academy Award nominations, which just goes to show that it’s worth delving past the popular conversation to see which cultural treasures have been unnoticed or forgotten by the popular vote.

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