The Only Classic Cocktails Chart You'll Need

This is what happens when you have been on a diet from good cocktails for months. I am not complaining, but I sure do miss sipping a White Russian and a nice mojito. With this recent discovery, though, I just might be able to whip up something decent without having to pay an arm and leg for something that will only make my head hurt in the end. And maybe you can, too! ((Though I highly doubt it for me as I don’t think I have bartender blood in me.))

In any case, this really might be the only classic cocktails chart that one will ever need. Created by Pop Chart Lab, the image puts together what looks to me hundreds of classic cocktails ((Okay, I can’t count.)) and breaks them down so that anyone who reads it has a reasonable chance of concocting each cocktail.

In the middle, you will see a myriad of liquors and spirits labeled accordingly. The classic cocktails are then arranged in a circle around the main ingredients, complete with the kind of glass to use, how many ounces, and name, of course. The main ingredients are connected to the appropriate cocktail via colorful lines. These lines will either confuse you or mesmerize you. Guess what they did to me?

It doesn’t end there. Other ingredients such as mixers (juices, sodas, condiments, etc.) and garnishes (fruits) are placed at the top and at the bottom of the chart, also with lines connecting them to the matching classic cocktail. The result is one comprehensive classic cocktails chart.

Classic Cocktail Chart

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For $28, you can have a 27″ x 39″ print of the classic cocktails chart. Then you’ll only have to stare at your wall when you need to whip up a drink or two.

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