I have never been a big comic book reader, and I am grateful for the movies that have brought superheroes to life for me. I know, hardcore comic book fans are probably shaking their heads right about now. Recently, though, there seems to be a rising interest in comic books (the kind you can download) in my circle, and I think it is only a matter of time till I actually get around to burying my nose in comics.

This girl has a lot to learn when it comes to superheroes, and what better way to start than to become familiar with their colors? Colors are important, not only in the superhero world. Colors can represent how your feel, what you think, and what you stand for. And when it comes to superheroes, it seems that colors are representative of their affiliation – good or bad.

If you need a quick superhero color guide, here’s a very colorful infographic that will give you what you need to know. ((Via)) And trust me, when I say colorful, I mean colorful.

Let’s do a quick quiz before you go through the uber long infographic.

  • What two colors are used to represent the ultimate hero? ((Blue and Bright Red))
  • What color is used to represent the crazy villain? ((Blood Red))
  • When a hero retires, what color represents him? ((Brown))
  • What color is associated with poison? ((Purple))
  • What color is used to represent the reluctant hero? ((Black))

In case you are not sure about your answers, either click on the links after each question or go through the infographic below.

Superhero Colors
Superhero Color Guide

Infographic Source

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