While the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica only had 5 main puella magi in the cast, the last episode showed that there were many more of them. None of them were ever named, but fans have taken a crack at trying to guess who they are. Here is just a short look at who these other puella magi might be.


One of the most agreed-upon identities is that of Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Egypt. Signs pointing to her identity include the Egyptian clothing and servants in the background. Cleopatra ascended the throne in 51 BC, but was overthrown by her brother a few years later and exiled. If she were to make a wish and become a puella magi, it would’ve been something along the lines of seducing Julius Caesar in order to regain the throne.

Joan of Arc

The next most recognizable puella magi was Joan of Arc, who was identified by her short hair and the fact that she was about to be burned at the stake in what appears to be medieval Europe. Joan was a peasant girl who grew up in France during the Hundred Years’ War. If she made a wish to become a puella magi, it definitely would have been to lead the French to several major victories.


The puella magi that is shown surrounded by flames is assumed by many to be Queen Himiko, the first known ruler of Japan. Not only did Himiko act as ruler, but was also regarded as an important religious figure. Her clothing and the relationship between her nickname as the sun goddess and the flames helped identify her.

Anne Frank

This next girl is presumed to be the famous Anne Frank based on the yellow patch on her clothing. Anne is known around the world due to the publication of her diary, which chronicles her life as a Jew in Nazi occupied Netherlands. She did not survive the holocaust, so if she did make a wish and became a puella magi, it was most likely to have her story heard by the world.

Girl in Warzone

There has been speculation that this puella magi could be Mother Teresa or the “Afghan Girl” from the cover of National Geographic’s June 1985 magazine. The only obvious things that can be determined are that she’s in a warzone, based on the tank in the background, ruined buildings, and nearby explosions.

The Others

While there are some high-profile historical figures that have been identified, there are also several girls that have left fans dumbfounded when it comes to their identity. These girls could either be characters that the producers made up, or they could be more historical figures that no one has been able to identify yet. There are definitely more famous young women who might have been puella magi in terms of the anime, perhaps there’ll be a spinoff series that details the lives of all of them.

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