With Homer turning 70 this year, it seems the perfect time to look back at the many mishaps and lost fortunes the Simpson family have endured over the years.  A group of Simpsons obsessives at giffgaff gameplan have worked their way through 29 seasons of the hit show to find out just how close the family came to being rich beyond their wildest dreams and how much money they could have had.

The total? A whopping $350,181,814,663. Homer, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the worst offender – and could’ve also made himself a neat sum of $ 331,110,370,492  across the series, if it hadn’t been for his unerring, lovable incompetence. Reasons for the lost fortunes around the family range from Lisa’s moral stance on accepting ill-gotten gains to the theft of Marge’s screenplay by Rainier Wolfcastle.

In our infographic we’ve divided it into each season, looking at when they came the closest to having their fortune before it was cruelly plucked away.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, this is the lost fortune of The Simpsons.

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