While many skip the intro of their favorite shows whenever they tune into an episode, there’s always the temptation to let The Simpsons run and hum its iconic opening theme.

While the theme is always a huge factor in keeping fans patient before the installment begins, the major selling point to watch The Simpsons openings is arguably seeing what Bart writes on the chalkboard.

Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson with hands held up in kitchen in The Siimpsons
The Simpsons episode 705 cr. Disney+ media player

The recurring gag has persisted for decades, and there have been so many highlights. Episode 1 didn’t include one, but they began to feature with episode 2, the first one ever being ‘I Will Not Waste Chalk’.

Throughout season 1, others included ‘I Did Not See Elvis’ and ‘I Will Not Call My Teacher Hot Cakes'”. And speaking of Bart’s teacher, this leads us into the most emotional chalkboard moment ever, in which the writers ditched the gag in favor of offering a touching tribute to Marcia Wallace, who voiced the iconic Edna Krabappel.

The chalkboard tribute was featured in the opening of season 25 episode 3, Four Regrettings And A Funeral. It aired on November 3rd 2013. Instead of a joke, Bart is seen next to the chalkboard having written ‘We’ll Really Miss You Mrs. K.’ just once. With the chalk still in his hand, Bart gives a heartbroken look before rushing out of the class when the school bell strikes.

Nancy Cartwright as Bart next to chalkboard that reads 'We'll really miss you Mrs. K.' in classroom in The Simpsons
The Simpsons episode 2503 cr. Disney+ media player

Although the episode was dedicated in memory of Marcia, the chalkboard was really just the perfect touch.

Tragically, the American actress and comedian passed away from pneumonia and sepsis on October 25th 2013, just one week before Fox aired The Simpsons episode in her honor.

“I was tremendously saddened to learn this morning of the passing of the brilliant and gracious Marcia Wallace,” the animated sitcom’s executive producer Al Jean said at the time. “She was beloved by all at The Simpsons.”

His statement included that the tragedy of her passing was “a terrible loss for all who had the pleasure of knowing her.”

Out of respect for Marcia, the Springfield Elementary teacher never featured in the show again, with the chalkboard moment suggesting the creative decision that the character passed away in response to the voice actress’ passing.

Although she’ll be missed in future seasons, fans can always revisit and treasure so many of her classic episodes, whether that’s Bart The Lover or Grade School Confidential.

The Simpsons boasts no shortage of characters with trademark and terrific laughs, but we’ll never hear a better ‘Ha!” than Edna’s, even if Homer was calling her Crandall for all those years.

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