The Story Behind 'Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

First and foremost, I need to let you know this is all purely speculation at this point. What I can tell you is, I have read comics since birth and have seen every comic book movie ever made. I also write for a living, which will point at me slightly knowing how writer’s mind’s work (especially GEEK writers). But reality is, I have read enough Batman and Superman comics and have seen enough film adaptations to have a pretty solid idea of what is going down in the Dawn of Justice trailer, and what we can (probably) expect from 2016’s biggest movie.

Again, to reiterate, this is a speculative pieces based on my full knowledge of the DC universe and how movies play out. I apologize if it ends up being inaccurate, but it wont. I am just THAT good.

First Of All…


Dang, Supes. You Cray-Cray

So does the neck snap at the end of Man of Steel make more sense to you now? Everyone was so pissed off about that, but they NEEDED to set up Superman as potentially dangerous for this sequel idea to work. The movie will begin with a world divided. Some think Superman is man’s savior. Other think him a false Christ like figure who lauds his godly powers over mankind, which is leading towards him doing something awful to humanity. People fear what they don’t understand, especially when it has the power of a God.

But who can possibly even present a challenge to Superman? How do you bring down a God?

How Do You Beat A God? You Make Another One….

So because of Superman’s wanton destruction of the city, at one point we see that Supes destroys the Wayne Enterprises building. Not sure how many people die, but many. This is when Bruce Wayne begins his “f*ck this dude” campaign. He doesn’t dig on what Supes can do, and thinks he needs a clear message sent. Chill out, dude, because your powers are freaking everyone out, and we don’t have to put up with it. This will be the birth of (or revival of) the Batman in the new movie. Something needs to stop him, and only Batman can.

But Bruce Wayne is mortal, Remy. How can a mortal man with a belt of toys compare to a superhuman God? This brings us to our next point….

Lex Luthor and Batman’s Team-Up


Batman is not stupid. The only super power Bruce Wayne has is money. But didn’t you notice Lex Luthor in the movie? Didn’t you wonder how he fit? I didn’t. As soon as I heard he was in the trailer, I knew. In the comics, when Batman decides he has to take down Superman, he knows the only way to do that is to exploit Supe’s weakness. Say it with me, folks:


And guess who is the only other eccentric millionaire who has any? I will give you a hint. His name has two L’s in it. Bats knows this and hits up Lex knowing that, without Kryptonite, the battle will be over before it begins. So guess who has some kryptonite under that armor you keep seeing in the Dawn of Justice trailer?

I will give you a hint. His name begins with a B.

Government Role

So Bats will approach Metropolis and let them know, he can bring this dude down. Metropolis will be like: okay, he is kinda scary. Thus will begin a battle that, God willing, will take up at least 40 minutes and will be about as badass as comic book movie battles go. Yes, I am still mad that the Bane/Batman fight from the last movie was 2 minutes long. Dafuq was that shit?

Now if we are to follow the Frank Miller story, there will be some deaths. That just means this is where the story will go off into its own story. Safe to say Supes or Batty wont die. How the battle between these two will lead into the Justice League movie is beyond me, Though. But it is clear is Warner Bros has had some very clear things in mind when constructing this universe.
Also, let us not forgot, they told us this was coming YEARS AGO!


But What About…


Wonder Woman? What about how it ends? What about The Joker? What about what happens after the fight? What about all the unanswered questions we still have? My only response to that is, wow, how ungrateful! I am not gonna hand feed you grapes. I just gave you half the story. You’re welcome, nerds.

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