So how did you like “The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe”? Confession: I have not seen it, but by the looks of it, people had different reactions to the Doctor Who Christmas special. It’s not that viewers hated it, but if what I have read is any indication, the special was not astoundingly memorable (as I am sure many had hoped it would be).

In any case, I am pretty sure that this woman from Glasgow did not care all that much if this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special did not blow her away. She is already a hardcore Whovian, who has gone all the way to prove just how much she loves the TV series. She has remodeled her house – to a certain degree – to resemble the TARDIS! What else can one call it but the TARDIS house?

This is, unmistakably, the front door of the TARDIS house.


If you are thinking that anyone can do these modifications, you have to note that Erica Quinn went to great lengths to be as accurate as possible in her work. She made an inspection of an original 1960s police box near her house, and she made sure that the paint she used on her TARDIS house door is the same. How’s that for attention to details?

While I would have understood if Erica had stopped at the door in her quest to replicate the TARDIS (after all, how can you possibly recreate the inside of the TARDIS in size and scope?), Erica obviously was not satisfied with just the entrance. She also has life-sized cardboard cutouts of the major characters: the Tenth and the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Captain Jack. Oh, and there’s a Dalek thrown in the mix as well. One can see them peeking out the windows of the TARDIS house.

TARDIS Windows
TARDIS House Windows

Erica must not be a fan of Rory, as he does not seem to be part of the gang. Anyhow, these cutouts are dressed up in various costumes throughout the year, especially during holiday periods. And if you think this is going too far, the cutouts seem to have a practical purpose as well: they are deterrents to those who might want to break in. ;)

Via Mirror

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