Gamers often talk about babes like Lara Croft and Bayonetta, but we often fail to recognize the hottest male video game characters within the industry. Their physical and psychological attributes have made many, many ladies weak at the knees, including those who don’t normally play video games. But more specifically, what exactly makes these hardy, athletic hunks so darn special? Let’s dissect some of our favorite picks and find out.

Squall Leonhart

Squall is sometimes accused of having very little personality due to his dry sense of humor. Nevertheless, this tall, slender stud made one hell of a splash when the RPG smash hit Final Fantasy VIII arrived in 1999. Perhaps it was his stylish sense of fashion or the soft hair that graciously complemented his facial scar. Whatever the case may be, this stubborn but noble mercenary happily wins a spot in our hottest male video game characters list.

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown had only one goal in mind: To impress the girl by becoming the number one assassin in the world. This guy isn’t about the muscles or even his charm (far from it, in fact). What makes the No More Heroes protagonist such a badass is his brutally-honest personality and fearless, “I can do what I want” attitude. Let’s face it: Who on Earth would battle against the world’s deadliest criminals for the sole purpose of getting laid?

Solid Snake

This is undoubtedly Hideo Kojima’s finest work to date. Solid Snake has arguably done it all, and he’s always done it in style. Here’s a guy that can practically toggle his charm, as well as his killer instincts, with the flip of a mental switch. Not to mention his absurdly muscular features and tight suit can really make his masculine frame stick out like a sore thumb. Thankfully Konami has kept this tough guy alive and kicking, adding more hotness and manliness with every new entry in the Metal Gear series.


Ezio starts out as a simple young man with nothing better to do, leaving most real-world tasks to his brother and dad. Once his family starts dying at the hands of their enemies, however, it doesn’t take long before he goes from a spoiled pretty face to a full-blown lady killer. Ubisoft took their time to develop a sexier outfit and a much more relatable personality than Altair. For these reasons, girl gamers can only hope to see this humble assassin make another appearance sooner rather than later.


At the risk of sounding odd, Kratos is the type of hunk that would make any straight guy think twice about his lifestyle and sexual preferences. Armed with huge swords and intimidating muscle-made cannons, this no-nonsense Spartan isn’t afraid to fight gigantic mythological beings, ginormous titans and seemingly-immortal Gods. We won’t even get into his physical assets, as we’re positive you have already studied this grumpy demigod from head to toe (as have we).


This is the only video game character on this list that is downright evil, but that doesn’t exclude him from making the ladies melt all the same. When Sephiroth first appeared in Final Fantasy VII, he was actually a bigger selling point than Cloud Strife himself, the game’s main protagonist. His sex appeal was backed by a very mysterious vibe, as players were fed very little information about his background and motives. And then again, of course, there’s also the long silky hair, long trench coat, phenomenal stature and superb fighting skills. What more could the ladies have asked for?

Nathan Drake

Based on bad boy Johnny Knoxville, Harrison Ford and other prominent figures, Nathan Drake is often considered one of the sexiest male leads in gaming history. The reason doesn’t lie on his extraordinary physique, but rather his relatable persona, his respectable intelligence and overall versatility. This is the type of guy that every girl would love to bring home to mom; Nathan is funny, strong-willed and can evidently take care of every problem with ease. Now what type of girl wouldn’t want that in a man?

Speaking of the hottest male video game characters, what do you consider to be the hottest gals in gaming?

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