As an avid video game lover, you most likely have lots of video games that are just lying around, possibly in your drawer collecting dust. You probably no longer want to play them or have simply forgotten about them.

Instead of getting rid of them, maybe you should consider selling them to either somebody you know, or online and earn some cash. Even if it’s an older game, bear in mind that there are a lot of people out there who want to broaden their collection.

So what are your options here? In case you’re not familiar with places where you can efficiently sell all your video games, today, we decided to help you out by putting together a list of websites where all your video games are welcome.

The Old School Game Vault

If you’re looking for a place that’s reputable and doesn’t try to trick people, then you should definitely opt for this website. A great thing about The Old School Game Vault is that it has been in this industry for many, many years, which is always a great thing if you’re searching for something reliable and secure. Besides video games, out there, you can also sell your used gaming consoles with just one click.


This represents a website that besides video games sells electronics as well. If you’re interested in selling your video games, all you have to do is scan or just type the barcode by utilizing their free application.

Once you do this, Decluttr will provide you with an instant quote if it decides to accept your game. Generally speaking, the whole selling process is very streamlined here. As soon as your item arrives, you will receive money.

Now, the only negative thing about it is the fact that it won’t return your game if it didn’t pass their quality inspection.


This is for sure one of the biggest gaming retailers for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch games, consoles, systems, and accessories. Here, you have two options when it comes to selling your video games.

You can either do it at their GameStop shop, or you can trade-in online. If you decide to sell your video games and in return receive some store credit, the store will reward you with up to sixty percent of store credit.

Besides, you can also trade your tablets, gaming consoles, cell phones, or any other video games-related item for store credit or money. 


If you no longer employ gaming consoles, and you want to get rid of them, one of the best ways to do it is to sell them. Go straight to the SellCell because here you can compare prices from more than thirty buyback sellers.

Moreover, you can also compare prices by utilizing the condition of your gaming console. A majority of vendors would be more than happy to provide you with free shipping and also guarantee the price for up to two weeks.

As soon as your device arrives, you can expect to receive the money, as well as to get free return shipping in case the seller’s final inspection offer is far less than you expected it to be. So what are the most popular gaming consoles on this website?

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox (X, S, and One)
  • Nintendo (2DS and 3DS) 
  • Playstation (PS3, PS4 and PS5)

Besides these consoles, you can also sell Nintendo DS Original, and/or Sony PS2, however, do not expect to receive any substantial amount of money. 


This is a great place if you wish to earn some cash by selling either your consoles, or video games, or both. Just remember that this is not a typical trade-in website. In fact, out there, you can only sell your games directly to other gamers without dealing with the middleman.

One of the biggest virtues of this website is the fact that, unlike many other online places, they do not charge any seller fees. The only one who is forced to pay some fees is purchasers. So once you enter the web page, you should browse it to find your console or video game and then make a listing.

Your listing is supposed to contain a short description, any pictures of it that you own, and the price you’ve determined. You can determine the price at whatever you want.

If you’re passionate about video games, then you most likely spend a lot of cash on them. So in order to save up some money for new ones, and make room for them, go straight to these websites to see how much cash you can get.

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