Demon Slayer has several tragic elements stitched together, but the biggest one might be the story of Inosuke’s boar mask.

Demon Slayer fan base has been growing ever since the manga was released in 2016. With the introduction of an anime, the love for the series grew further. Amid this, some characters have found a special place in the hearts of the viewers and one of them happens to be Inosuke, the strange and hyper boy who finds it hard to understand the social norms. While he might come off as a fun character, there is a tragic past that lies behind him.

NOTE: The article contains spoilers for Demon Slayer manga and anime.

The tragic story behind Insouke’s boar mask revealed

From the start, Inosuke’s personality stands out for all the wrong reasons. Right from his strange attire to his tendency to not maintain social etiquette, one starts to wonder what is wrong with his character. In reality, his behavior stems from his past.

When Inosuke was young, he was thrown into the river by his mom as she wanted to protect him from Doma, Upper-Rank Two. In the process, his mom gets eaten up by the demon. Insopuke managed to survive and was raised by boars. Thus, a lot of his behavior stems from the lifestyle he grew up in. As per reports, the mask that he wears is of his boar mother who raised him.

His looks could also be a factor

Inosuke has a body of steel that helps him withstand any problem, but his face is quite the opposite with very feminine features.

Even Tanjiro and Zenitsu were shocked when they first saw Inosuke without the mask as they thought his looks were very “attractive.”

It is quite possible that Insouke continues to wear the mask to avoid comments on his facial features. However, the author has never commented on this openly.

What chapter of the manga does the anime end-on?

As of now, three seasons of Demon Slayer have been released and it covers up until chapter 127.

The manga ended in 2020 with 205 chapters.

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