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Got GetGlue? If not, you should. If there’s one thing we geeks love to do, it’s talk about the pop culture stuff that we love and hate. GetGlue makes this super easy, making it the perfect social network for geeks.

GetGlue is like Foursquare or Gowalla for, well… stuff. Instead of checking in at locations and events, GetGlue lets you check in when you’re watching a TV show or movie, listening to music, playing a video game, reading a book, and more (without those pesky security concerns, such as when you tell the world you’re not at home, making your house an easy target for burglars). Its secondary purpose is to allow you to catalog all of your favorite things. Similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, will present you with a near-infinite list of movies, shows, games, books, etc. and let you set them to like, dislike, favorite, and more. It will then suggest more stuff you might like based on the data it’s collected.

I know, I know. It sounds frivolous, maybe even boring. I thought the same thing at first. Then I tried it, and found myself clicking away for hours on end, marking my favorites and all the stuff I can’t stand, and checking in when enjoying various media. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and although it hasn’t yet become indispensable, I find it extremely fun and addictive.

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Like Foursquare and Gowalla, checking in (via one of the free GetGlue apps, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, or at, marking favorites, interacting with friends, and writing comments and reviews on various topics will all earn you virtual stickers which are applied to your profile page. After you earn at least seven stickers, you can even request that the virtual stickers be printed and sent to you via postal mail.

There’s also a plugin available for your web browser that adds an unobtrusive little button that appears on any website you’re viewing, next to the name of a movie, TV show, book, game… you get the idea. Say you’re reading a Wikipedia entry about island geography, and the article mentions famous islands in pop culture. Alongside a sentence about the TV show Lost will be that tiny little button, and you can “like” Lost right from inside that Wikipedia page. I’ve found and liked a ton of stuff this way.

I don’t yet use it as much as Twitter or Facebook, but it’s gaining ground fast. Check it out for yourself, let us know what you think, and feel free to subscribe to me (GetGlue’s version of friending) if you sign up.

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