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The Unsung Heroes of Movie Production

Movie production is filled with bright lights and the biggest stars. However, there are many elements that often go overlooked from the surface. For 2020, let us take a very close look at some of the unsung heroes of movie production.


To start things off, editors play a major role in movie production. Once filming is finished, the production line doesn’t stop there. Editors have to step in and craft the footage carefully. They cut and merge clips together as needed and insert amazing effects between scenes. Although they have lots of amazing software tools at their disposal, much of it still needs to be done manually. It’s not uncommon for editors to work for weeks on end on just a short segment of the movie. However, once they are through, we all know what sorts of incredible effects can be seen.

Production designers

Production designers are also critical to a successful production. These designers make lots of executive decisions when it comes to decorating and setting up the scene. However, these choices are not always as obvious as they may seem. For example, learning what is interior design is an important part of being a good production designer. It takes a trained eye to know the best components of interior design, and this experience can only be gained over time. Production designers are constantly thinking about the look and feel of the on-screen universe where the action unfolds. While there’s no right or wrong answer, it definitely affects the quality of the movie.

Directors of photography

Directors of photography have a huge impact on the way a movie looks from the very first moments until the end credits. Also known as cinematographers, they are responsible for the lighting and camera placement needed to meet the director’s artistic vision. If the director of photography notices that something is wrong, they’ll make sure to reach a resolution. This is often an individual with decades of cinematic experience. Nevertheless, when the movie is released, there is hardly any mention of the cinematographer except for in the end credits. In reality, they should be credited with their role in crafting the film into the amazing story that it tells.

Key grips

Last but not least, key grips are often the most unsung people of them all. Key grips are responsible for hauling props and equipment on and off stage. In particular, they are supervising their grip crews that perform the hard work, but their job is just as arduous. Key grips need to be on set from dawn to dusk, and even after everyone else has left, they need to stick around to clean things up. It’s a job that is not appreciated nearly enough. Some of these pieces of equipment can be surprisingly heavy or bulky. It takes a lot of teamwork and coordination to move them around, and the key grip is at the heart of all of this. He or she specializes in communication and motivating the team.

This year, when all is said and done, there are many unsung heroes of movie production. Lots of small things happen behind the scenes that deserve more recognition. Let’s take a moment to appreciate these people that work so hard!

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