Truth is stranger than fiction and Stranger Things fans can vouch for it! Ever thought if Hawkins could have existed in real life with its very own portal to an Upside Down? Well, look no further, because eagle-eyed fans have already found a strange tree that resembles Upside Down’s opening!

After an epic ending of season 4, Stranger Things fans have to wait a little too long for the penultimate season of the series. Amidst the anticipation of the upcoming series, viewers of the Netflix show have been dissecting the show coming up with new theories, and also finding a piece of Hawkins in their day-to-day life.

Stranger Things Upside Down and real life tree on display
Netflix media center/ Reddit fritzelfries

An Upside Down ‘portal’ found in real life

A viral picture from Reddit surprised fans as they found a tree that could easily be the tree in Hawkins which worked as a portal to the Upside Down.

The tree that a Reddit user spotted had a similar purple hole that gives the illusion of a portal and fans are convinced that it could very well be a way to enter Vecna’s den!

While the discovery is fascinating, users also warned: “Once you go, you never go back.”

How do portals function in Upside Down

Gates aka portals of the Upside Down are created through a rupture in the space-time fabric that helps to connect the regular world with the Upside Down. They act as the bridging element between the real dimension and the dark world of Upside Down and enables instant travel from one reality to another.

Streets of Manhattan in New York City
New York, United States – December 20, 2017 – Netflix’s Stranger Things 2 and other billboards on 623 – 11th ave and Broadway 2017 NYC at sunset

Who can create a portal?

For the initial few seasons, Stranger Things revealed that Eleven and Demogorgon could open gates. But season 4 reveals that Vecna also possesses the same ability to create a space-time gap and open a portal.

What is more interesting is that Upside Down portals also act in the same way the Upside Down does which means it has the same tendrils and webbing. Portals essentially act as extensions of Upside Down.

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