Last year the video game industry grew by 20%, taking its annual revenue to $179.7billion. For the first time, gaming generated more income than the global movie industry and North American sports. And with new console releases from Xbox and Playstation, it looks like 2021 will be another good year for gamers.

But what are gamers looking forward to this year? Well, if you want to know what people are thinking, just find out what they’re Googling! So using Google Keyword Planner, mapped out the world’s most popular gaming brands.

Video game developer Epic came out on top with an incredible 4,716,375 global searches. It was also the most searched brand in 141 countries, including Russia, Brazil, and Sweden. Epic is famous for its Fortnite series – the free, multi-player battle royal where 100 people shoot it out to be the last man standing. Around 125 million players a year log into Fortune, and its global popularity has helped take the esports industry to a whole new level.

Nintendo took the second spot overall, clocking up a very respectable 3,120,010 searches. Its hand-held Nintendo Switch is a big hit in the USA, Canada, and China. And with rumors of a new 4k model in the works, Nintendo could soon have an eye on overtaking Epic as the world’s favorite video game brand.

And one old-schooler is still capturing the imaginations of 21st-century gamers. Atari, the designer responsible for classics like Pong and Pacman, was the world’s fourth most googled video game maker. The renewed interest has a lot to do with the Atari VCS,  a micro-console with over 100 new and retro games built-in. It was set for launch last year but is now on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can see a full break-down, country by country on the map below.

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