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The Worst Shark Tank Ideas

By Bea

If you’ve seen an episode of Shark Tank, you would know that it showcases some of the coolest and most innovative inventions we never thought possible. Some of these amazing pitches include a foldable lamp, de-boned BBQ ribs, and gloves with LED lights. On the flip side, there are also those ideas that seem too far-fetched or just borderline problematic. Surely, it can get pretty entertaining to watch these crazy ideas on screen, so we’ve rounded up the worst Shark Tank ideas out there.

Gato Café (Season 6)

With the rise of cat cafes in Asia and Europe, Adriana Montano hoped to bring one to the US as well. However, the judges didn’t think her ideas were innovative enough. Also, maybe it’s my bias against cats (don’t kill me), but this pitch just didn’t impress me. It means well especially with the heartwarming detail about adopting cats, but it just doesn’t seem like something worth investing in with so many just like it around the world.

Rolodoc (Season 5)

This pitch was for a social network dedicated to the medical community. It allows patients to have instant and direct communication with their doctors and other physicians. Entrepreneurs Richard and Albert Amini’s idea seems like it’s going somewhere, but the more questions the judges asked, the less they seemed to respond. Moreover, they also couldn’t answer how they can convince physicians to join their app. Most important of all, they didn’t even know how the service could make money.

Squirrel Boss (Season 4)

Got a squirrel problem around your bird feeder? Say hello to the world’s first squirrel-proof bird feeder! With just the press of a button, you can keep away those annoying squirrels by giving them a harmless static shock. Though marketed as harmless, judges and audiences didn’t seem to agree. I mean, it is pretty sadistic right?

Sticky Note Holder (Season 1)

This idea has always been deemed one of the worst pitches in Shark Tank history. Mary Simonson always knew that sticky notes were prone to getting misplaced especially when placed on a computer. She then created a product that would be attached to a computer so that the sticky notes would stick there. She then demonstrated that the sticky note holder can slide inside a laptop which Kevin O’Leary though defeated its purpose.

Track Days (Season 4)

Shark Tank is mainly dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs and budding inventors, so when James Lavitola and Brian Pitt pitched their idea for a movie, things pretty much went south for them. The two had an interesting story for their movie, but when it came to production, casting, and script, they had none.

Cougar Energy (Season 3)

This crazy (and tacky) idea targets, well, cougars. It is the first gender-specific energy drink designed for women of age to help boost their energy to face the daily stresses of life. The drink also claims to promote weight loss and have zero crash. With a target market of women aged 30 to 55, the judges thought that this was a very small percentage of the overall market. Whether or not you’re a cougar, see for yourself if this product is worth the investment. Get it on Amazon now.

Throx (Season 1)

Ever lost one of your socks and got stuck with just one? Well, Throx tries to solve that problem by selling not just two pieces of socks, but three! You get an extra sock just in case you lose one of them. According to the company site, it is the cure for the missing sock. Brilliant, right?

The Sullivan Generator (Season 3)

There are far-fetched ideas, and there are just crazy ones! The Sullivan Generator is an electric generator that uses the Earth’s spin to produce renewable energy and desalinate saltwater. As a byproduct, it also produces gold. To be honest, this is a great idea, only if it were scientifically possible. Imagine having some sand, salt, and water, and ending up with both electricity and gold! Now, that might take some magic.

Wake N’ Bacon (Season 2)

Don’t you just love waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs? This alarm clock shaped like a pig heats up pre-cooked bacon just in time for you to start your day. Instead of blasting out a loud sound, the alarm clock will slowly start to cook the bacon. Starting your day with a hearty breakfast is always good, but when the whole room reeks of bacon and grease, then that can be pretty gross. Or if you’re the type who hits the snooze button a gazillion times…

Ionic Ear (Season 1)

The Ionic Ear is a surgically implanted Bluetooth earpiece. To charge the device, users must insert a cotton-swab-sized charger in their ear. Not even halfway through the pitch, the judges were already freaked out by the idea. To make things even worse, additional surgery is required for upgrades. Now, this is just creepy, and has been called one of the worst Shark Tank ideas of all time.

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