The Bees Sculpture

Dutch designer Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny created a sculpture of Jesus as martyred Christ ricing form chaos. The sculpture is made of a laser sintered framework. The sculpture was then placed in a case made of glass sheets on top of two wooden beehives which grants worker bees access to the sculpture.

About 40.000 worker bees then created a honeycomb skin over the sculpture and filled each cell with honey they produce. Then they removed the honey from the honeycomb to their beehive beneath the glass case.

The concept is pretty unique, using insects and nature to create art. Although I do wonder how they took care of the bees after the artwork was done. I suppose the beehives where built so that once the bees returned to it with their honey they could be moved back into the nature.

But as cool as this sculpture is it made me think about Candyman, the horror movie from ’92.

Watch the video of the bees working on the sculpture to get the full effect of this art piece.

It is due that 18 years later since the making of Candyman that horror movies have gotten really more horror then back then, otherwise this would be an unpleasant resemblance. But a movie like Candyman has last it’s horror genre status one could say.

But all joking and comments aside, this Bee Man sculpture goes into the books as awesome and unique.

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